California Forensic Medical Group--any comments?

  1. I have been noticing some recent ads for health care personnel from this company and am wondering whether any of you know anything about them. Do they maintain reasonable staffing levels? How do they treat employees? What is their general reputation in the field? Whatever.
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  3. by   graybar hilton
    This is too funny......I am preparing right now to do a paper for my BSN program on the Emerging Roles of Nursing.
    I am very interested Forensic Nursing, so could you send me the info for contacting them?
  4. by   caliotter3
    They run ads in my area. Have thought of applying. The only info I have, is that a former co-worker called, and was quoted a lowball pay rate. (But, then she was a new grad, so maybe she should not have felt offended).
  5. by   obeyacts2
    they have advertised in our local paper, in the central valley. the last ad I read was for the local county jail- not the reg jail but the honor farm. Low risk, minimum security guys. they were advertsing 35.00/hr that is top dollar for our area.

  6. by   graybar hilton
    Unbelievable 35$ per hour!!!!!!!! Where are you??? I would almost move for that.
  7. by   caliotter3

    My friend told me they offered her $15/hr. Boy, have things changed!
  8. by   sjoe
    calio--they'd not be able to get CNAs for that here in California.
  9. by   mlhudson
    I've worked for them. From March of '96 until May of '98. To their credit, They gave me my 1st job when I retired from the USAF and introduced me to the world of Correctional Nursing. However, employment with them is "At will", which means they can fire you for ANY reason - they don't even have to have a reason! I have seen nurses fired for unfortunate outcomes - even though it wasn't neccessarily that specific nurses fault. In Yolo, Placer, and El Dorado Counties they were always short staffed, so they looked to the other nurses to cover with overtime. But, if there was any way to keep from paying you overtime they would. There was an occasion when I worked 6 days in a row, but wasn't paid overtime because of when the work week started & ended. From what I've seen, they tend to pay nurses at the lowest rate they can get by with, but will pay doctors extravegant amounts of money - as much as $220K a year. But we know who's in the trenches doing the work. When I was looking to be promoted to Assistant Program Manager I was told that I was too valuable in the position I was in and not given the opportunity for advancement. I now work for the California Department of Corrections (CDC) at a state prison. I have union representation and am a civil service employee with rights protected by law. If you're in California and thinking about Correctional Nursing, check out CDC. I worked some overtime last year, but not what I would consider excessive or a burdon and I earned $76,000.
    So, that's my opinion and a bit of personal experience. If CFMG was that great, I'd still be working for them. Also, do a search on MSN or Google and see what you come up with. If I had it to do over again, I would have hired on with CDC when I got out of the USAF. I hope this helps
  10. by   sgherzi4
    I just read your post to "CMFG" and you have saved my life! I was considering working for them as a "Per Diem LVN" but after reading what you have said I have decided NOT to even go up for an interview. I have been working as a Contract LVN with the California Department of Corrections for the past year and a half and maybe with the changes being made by the receiver I can get hired on with the prison system for the better benefits; vacation time and sick leave!