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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

  1. by   M3L1SSA
    I just did a hiring interview at Vacaville DMH at the end of December. Anybody know how long it takes before you hear something from them? I left a message with the hiring/exam coordinator and haven't heard anything from her either.
  2. by   Aquarius30
    Question to Kneal, M3L1SSA, or mmsb01. Are either of you new grads and did you have your license at the time you took the assessment test? I just graduated in December. I took the online exam for CDC about a week ago. I applied for Folsom and Vacaville. I for some reason cannot figure out what rank I am in through the state website. I know I passed but received only a 75% as I do not have healthcare experience outside of clinicals. Just wondering if I ave a shot at even getting a call back. Any info would be greatly I appreciated. I am sure you all are extremely busy
  3. by   kneal
    hi, i am a new grad 05/10. i believe i got an 85 the only experience i had outside of clinicals was a volunteer camp nurse this summer. .one of the first questions they asked is do you have acls. so if you get to the interview stage get acls before interview. i would concentrate on rural prisons such as high desert ( where i got hired) jamastown ect... the bayarea( san quentin, salinas) is only hiring out of the first tier, so hr told me.

    i dont know what your chances are but without trying your chances are zero. i also got two calls from rural hospitals this week asking for interview but i was already committed to HDSP. think about places where not alot of people want to relocate too.
    good luck! 2 girls in my orientation are also new grads or old-new grads from 08!!!
  4. by   Aquarius30
    Thank you for the info Kneal. I really do appreciate it. I will get my ACLS immediately. Just after my NCLEX next week Best of luck to you
  5. by   M3L1SSA
    Aquarius sorry for such a late reply! Yes, I am a new grad...well an "old" new grad. I graduated back in May 2010 and have had my license since June 2010. I got an 85% also for the prison assessment but for the department of mental health I got a 91% on the QAP (Qualifying Appraisal Panel). It's a panel interview to gain eligibility for CA state jobs. Good luck on your NCLEX! I just rec'd a letter from Vacaville DMH that I was invited to a 2nd interview! Way better than getting another rejection letter!
  6. by   wendy99
    Hi, Kneal
    I got an interview on JAn 28/2011. However, you mentioned about the references, are those you provided on Std678 form? Or they asked you for references on the site? How many of references?
    Also, what's the chance to get hired if selected to interview? The HR told me they interview 15-20 nurses per month! I wonder how many they actually hire?
    Thanks for any input.
  7. by   kneal
    where are you interviewing?
  8. by   wendy99
    High Desert Prison in Susanville. I guess you are working there already. Are you relocating already? My trip to interview only is 650 miles away. I still not sure how am I going to get there. My interview date is coming Friday.
  9. by   kneal
    hi wendy, i am working at high desert and just interviewed there in dec. new hire. bring 3 references into with you names and phone numbers. they like acls. you will interview with 3 people. the don(head of nursing) and 2 supervisors. they are all really. really nice. read the corrections interview thread!!!! good luck!!! i relocated from marin 300 miles away but i like it here.
  10. by   kneal
    one suggestion is to fly into reno and rent a car. high desert is about 1.5 hours from reno on 395. the forecast looks like good weather for fri.
  11. by   Faeriewand
    I am interviewing next week at Donovan. Where is the interview thread? I'm going to try to do a search and find it. I really want this job. My family really needs the healthcare. I have two family members with health issues.

    Anyone know what to expect during the interview process?
  12. by   luckie
    I think the take home pay is a little higher. I heard you dont pay state taxes or social security on your pay check. Im not sure if its both but I was told the take home pay is high than private companies because less taxes.
  13. by   NewGradRN10
    I am a new graduate RN with ADN. I specifically want to work in corrections and have submit a resume 3 weeks ago. I also took the online exam and got a 75%. I never received a response from the DOC. I also was unable to find out what rank I am. I have never received anything in the mail. I have been applying through for CA prisons. Is this where everyone else is applying? Do they prefer a BSN? Do I have a chance as a new grad with ADN? My GPA is good.

    Thank you