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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

  1. by   miatagirl707
    CSUF student nurse, I have 6 months RN experience as registry at Coalinga State Hosp, Dept of mental health, and I just had an interview w/Central Ca Women's Facility in Chowchilla, and seem to be eligible for the job. Some prisons like Valley State are more competitive in that way now.
  2. by   rn619
    miatagirl707...i tentatively have an interview at Coalinga state hospital this month. was wondering if you can email me for some pointers, which registry, and thank you.
  3. by   miatagirl707
    I got the job at Chowchilla, so it can happen.
  4. by   JasonGCA
    How do you like it there? I have an interview at Corcoran soon. I live in Los Angeles, but can not find any jobs locally. What are the schedules like? Do you feel safe? Thanks.
  5. by   KK4YOU
    Hi Tirzo13,

    I have a question in regards to chula vista veterans home in San Diego. I am graduating as an
    RN with my BSN in a couple months and am considering working at the chula vista veterans
    home. Do you have any information about this facility? Such as benefits, do they provide a
    pension aswell as 401k? How do they treat the employees? How much do RN's make there?
    Overall do you like working there? I really want to work for the state because I hear they offer
    great benefits, just not sure what they are, and I dont want to work in corrections, so I
    figure the va home in chula vista might just be best for me . I have seen your previous
    posts and you give great information and advice! Any information would be greatly
    appreaciated! Thanks
  6. by   dren21
    Hello, I am thinking of applying there too. Let me know how it turns out!
  7. by   RosesRN
  8. by   speedytopspin
    Hey miatagirl707, I actually have a oral interview exam scheduled pretty soon and I am pretty nervous on how to prepare for it. Any pointers on ideas and nursing concepts I should be studying? lso, you can reach me @ Thanks!
  9. by   mmsb01
    Hello Everyone,

    I received about six of those letters asking if I was interested in working in various positions across the state and I filled out the applications and sent them back, but I have yet to hear anything in the last 3-4 weeks. Can anyone tell me their experience with how long it took from applying to receiving any kind of contact for interviews or exams?

    Any information would be very helpful!
  10. by   kneal
    my time-line was 10/15/10 took online exam. 2-3 weeks later i received inquiries with deadline of11/15/10. I was asked to interview for high desert on 12/1/10 and references were contacted two days later. Hired 12/16/10. YEAAY!!!!

    some of the places i returned inquires for never contacted me for interview. check rank/sequence #. i believe hr is only allowed to typically invite those w/ 3 or above to interview and san quentin informed me they are only interviewing from rank#1. good luck!!!!
  11. by   tongilo
    I have several inquries.I really want san quantin but am rank 3 is it really worth it to apply yet they only take 1?
  12. by   mmsb01
    Congratulations Kneal!

    How did the interview process go? I have been contacted by one of the seven places i received letters from. Was it a panel or one on one? Did you see many other people there? Very nervous as I have been applying for jobs for over a year!

    Thanks again!
  13. by   kneal
    Thank you!
    I was interviewed by three people, 2 nursing supervisors and unit manager. I met about 7 others interviewing for the position since they were running behind. I believe they held interviews over two days. Where did you get your request to interview. I cant stress it enough, read the interview thread started by Lorry. also go to her website and click on interview techniques. It is right on the money.