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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

  1. by   surgnurse26
    Quote from lizz
    This is where the $7045 a month starting pay is mentioned:

    However, if you work for some of the Bay Area facilities where the cost of living is higher, then the pay starts at $7766 a month.

    If you notice, there's also a pay range where you make more, presumably, after you put some time in. So, this may account for the varying salary figures.

    well even for 7045.00 a month, the 14 payed holidays and bonuses, that still comes to be about $93,000 gross your first year. not bad at all. I know nothing about california taxes, how harsh are they. do out of state people pay less tax, i heard this from somewhere. Still wondering what I might clear from the $93,000 i would make. I don't want to have to pay like 50% in taxes ya know. I do know you don't pat social security. can anyone tell me what to maybe take home from the $93,000 for claiming single, just a ball park figure so i can better judge my income from possibl working for this department.
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  2. by   penasco man
    Hey there surgnurse26, I would count on being in the upper tax tier about 30% or more (27900.00 yr taxes) + Ca state taxes, brings salary to around 65100. bring home. Roughly. More than what we're making at SMRMC. I'm still looking into it as well. Shoot me an email. "TEAM ORVIS"
  3. by   csuf_student_nurse
    Does anyone out there work for one of the facilities in Fresno or Madera County? I'd love to talk to someone about the in's and out's of getting hired, the hours, etc. I'm graduating in May with my BSN, how likely is it for a new grad to be hired on?

  4. by   cooked123
    Quote from tirzo13
    The federal reciever set the pay.
    not sure when it will start, i believe january.
    The 107,000 is for the bay area prisons.
    CTF, SVSP, San Quintin.
    the rest of the state i believe is going to be 97,000, still not bad.
    the bay area prisons have a different rate.
    If you work in a yard, you will have 3 day weekends every week.
    4 ten hour shifts, days, and they don't usually get mandated.

    If you work in the CTC/ER its open 24 hours, so you could get a screwed up shift, just like a hospital, and those in the CTC/ER get mandated for overtime, so screws up your plans.

    nice thing is you get vested after 5 years with 12.5%, so you could retire at 55.
    And no one can really touch the pay.
    Outside of the prison pay sucks in san diego.
    CAn one choose to work in yard or in any other way indicate their preference. I plan to move to Sacto., and apply to Folsom.

    Thank you
  5. by   cooked123
    Could you please tell me where abouts in CA is Salinas Valley? Approx distance from Sacramento?
    Thank you for your help
  6. by   cooked123
    The pay rates are posted on the CA CDCR site
  7. by   tirzo13
    Salinas Valley has 2 prisons, much like sac has Folsom and SAC next to each other.
    in salinas there is CTF and SVSP.
    Both are considered bay area prisons, and get the max RN pay.
    My offer range was 8000-8900, same offer as san quintin gave me.
    The other prisons including SAC are about 7665 a month.

    salinas is about 45 minutes from Monterey, and about 1 hour from san jose.

    you can work in the yard clinics or the CTC/ER/SNF depending on whats available and your skill level.
  8. by   WhoMeaNurse
    Hello, does anyone know how pay for RN psych correctional compares to RN medical correctional compares?
  9. by   tirzo13
    not sure of what you mean.
    if the same prison has a psyc dept and a med department, the RN's within the same prison get the same exact pay.

    what you may be asking is this.
    California Medical Facility and Salinas Valley (both prisons) rent space inside to dept of mental health.

    Not quite sure about Salinas anymore, but since they count as a bay area prison, they get 9200 a month, the Dmh nurses i think still only get 7600.

    At CMF in Vacaville, the prison RN's get 8400 and the DMH nurses in the same prison get 7600.

    so in that way, prison nurses get more than 'psyc' nurses.

    that would be only in those 2 prisons.
    otherwise in everyother prison the pay would be the same since DMH only rents from those 2 prisons.
  10. by   tirzo13
    san quintin, salinas valley, california training facilility (also in salinas) are the 3 prisons that get 8000-9200 a month.
    all other prisons the range is 7000-8400 a month.

    within Salinas Valley and within California Medical Facility in vacaville, Dept of Mental Health rents space.
    they pay their RN at Vacaville 7600, and Salinas i think 8000.

    If you don't want to work in a prison.
    Napa State Hospital, Atascadero, Patton and Metro will be getting 8000 a month in january if you rather work forensic.
    As far as I know, the state Dev. Centers will also be gettting 8000 a month, if you rather work with developmental disabled clients.
    i also believe that the state veterans homes, (not to be confused with VA) are going to get the 8000 a month in january also.

    for me i'm quitting prison and forensic and going to work for the state Veterans.

    who would i rather take care of, veterans or criminals?

    now the pay is close to equal, easier decision.
    plus i maintain my california retirement.
    where in the VA i lose it.
  11. by   Ataturk35
    Hi Tirzo; I am a new grad RN. I am also a veteran and would like to ask you how I can get information about working for State Veteran Homes.. Can you tell me more about it?
  12. by   RocknRollYogaRn
    Is the State hiring nurses? I am currently looking. I want to move to the Bay area. What about San Francisco jail system?
  13. by   jennyhyunh
    anyone working in Orange County, Ca. Jail Correctional Facilities?