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Hi..I am thinking of taking a position in San Quentin or Folsom/ Sacramento...if you work there would love some feedback about how you enjoy your work, working for the state etc...thanks!... Read More

  1. by   youellc
    I just interviewed with CCI in Tehachapi and yes they do interview ADN's. I recently graduated in Dec 2010 and I applied to a few of the correctional institutions. All I can say is to keep trying and to apply to different facilities. Good Luck to you!
  2. by   esty0916
    Hello... does anyone know names of some registries that hire for Coalinga State Hospital? I'm having a hard time finding any online.
  3. by   youellc
    I heard of an agency called Solvere that hires RNs for that facility
  4. by   evelynkarirn
    Quote from miatagirl707
    I got the job at Chowchilla, so it can happen.
    Hi MiataGirl - Chowchilla (VSPW) just offered me an RN position. I love the job I have now, but it's 60 miles from home (one way!) - Chowchilla is just 20 miles away. I hate to leave my job without knowing what I'm getting into.

    Can you provide any information about what the job, people, culture are like? Do you like it there? Is it true you receive lifetime medical benefits after five years of employment?

    Thank you so much!!
    CSUF Alumnus (just finished my MSN last month)
  5. by   studystudy
    New grads that were contacted for interviews and hired: what was your score on the assessment? I scored an 85%, and I see that they do in fact hire new grads, just wondering what the chances are to be contacted.

    I know your rank can change daily, but I can't find the information to check my rank on that website they provided, it actually said they're unable to inform you of your rank.
  6. by   evelynkarirn
    My rank was 95. Two months later I was notified that I was ranked 2 out of 178 candidates and invited to submit my paper application. Then it was another 5 weeks before they scheduled my interview. THEN 2 weeks after interviewing, I was asked to re-interview (HR said interviews conducted by a particular panel had been invalidated). After my second interview I waited 2 weeks before receiving the offer. Now I'm waiting on my Lifescan clearance.

    SO the whole thing is taking >4 months. And I still don't have a start date. Lots of red tape...

    P.S. This is in Chowchila-Valley State Prison for Women with California Department of Corrections.
  7. by   evelynkarirn
    Whoops! Sorry-not a new grad, but not particularly seasoned either.
  8. by   studystudy
    WOW! I got a letter of interest today for one of the prisons I selected during my assessment! My rank/sequence is 4/131, but now I'm confused because of the whole Rule of 3 Ranks thing... why did they send me the inquiry if I'm not at 3 yet? I'm also wondering why this is the only inquiry I received even though I selected a few I was interested in (maybe it's more competitive at other facilities so therefor I'm ranked lower...?) I am definitely responding to it, though!
  9. by   evelynkarirn
    Hey StudyStudy, Did they contact you to schedule an interview? If so, how'd it go?

    I ended up getting the job with Chowchilla and start Monday. Still not sure what I'll be doing, shift, days, etc. Nerve wracking. Have spent too much on new scrubs in "acceptable" colors and am eating too much while I wait for Monday to get here. Better hurry or the new scrubs won't fit any more!
  10. by   studystudy
    Quote from evelynkarirn
    Hey StudyStudy, Did they contact you to schedule an interview? If so, how'd it go?
    No, they haven't contacted me for an actual interview yet. I'm still excited about it though!

    I hope your first day went well!!
  11. by   evelynkarirn
    Hi StudyStudy- Loving the new job. Chowchilla is unique in that it has death row and a SNF. I start clinical rotations in SNF, Ad Seg, Clinics, Receiving (assess, screen and refer), Emergent site care (suicides or catastrophic/serious injury (kind of like being an EMT) and so much more on Friday.

    What appeals to me is the diversity in duties. We'll see how it goes!
  12. by   studystudy
    I took a job at one of the jails in town (I do not live in California), specifically because I'm totally honed in on CA Prison Healthcare now. My next chance to retake my assessment for the prisons will be in December, and I'll definitely score higher now that I'm actually working as a RN. Do you think that having some corrections experience will be beneficial when I retake my assessment and continue to apply at the prisons I'm interested in? I'm hoping it gives me an advantage since "the most competitive candidates will be contacted for interviews."
  13. by   lisak218
    What are prison interviews like? When asked why you want to work for a correctional facility, what do you say? I imagine that you don't want to admit you like the pay!! I am looking to do it for at least a year to help pay off my student loans. Why do all of you like it? What is your motivation? What are the benefits of this type of environment?

    Thank you fellow nurses