Anyone work for Seminole county jail/prison in Sanford, FL?

  1. Hi. I just moved to Deltona, FL. I am an LPN that has worked many years in drug and alcohol inpatient rehab AND in corrections. I am looking to stay in these same fields. I was looking at the hiring process for Seminole county and man it seems intense. Is it as hard as it sounds? Anyone have any suggestions for jails/ prisons or drug/all rehab that are hiring near me? It's holiday time and I really do not want to apply somewhere that says it takes 3-4 months for the hiring process. Would love to hear from anyone that works in any of the facilities near me. Thanks
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    I worked at the Seminole County jail a couple of years ago. Their screening process is very thorough, that's why it takes a while. However, they have great benefits. Their schedule is setup in such a way that you work 7 days in a 2 week span. It repeats itself at the end of the 2 week pay period. This is great because you can plan your short vacations ahead of time and you are allowed to swap shifts if another nurse is willing/able to swap with you. There is also opportunity for overtime.

    I left because I am an RN and was looking to expand my skills, but I loved the environment and how the Correctional Officers always had my back and each other. They usually have 4 nurses on each shift, plus one at Juvi. One MD, one DDS, and one Psychiatrist on staff. The Psychiatrist has 3 other people who report to her... all very nice people.

    Like all places... it has its plus and minuses, but it's the one job I felt proud of being a part of.
  4. by   correctrn
    apply it will be worth it to you. great benefit package, close healthy relationship with security.
  5. by   moorefun01
    I work at the volisia county jail and we always need help.
  6. by   Woodstock11
    Tomoka State Prison is looking for nurses! Centurion health has the current contract.
  7. by   Tomrn2128
    Any idea what the hourly pay is for something like this in that location?