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I'm a 20yr. of experience RN here in CA and live close to Sierra Conservation Prison in Jamestown. I'm seriously considering applying, but I'm fairly clueless about working in a prison. Does anyone out there work at SCC? What is a typical day like for an RN? How do they work out scheduling for weekends and holidays? Is there "mandatory" overtime - how does it work? Is it a union environment? Whew - enough questions for now. Thanks for your help...........


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Not worked at that prison.

i have worked 3 other california prisons.

Shifts and weekends depends.

If you work out in the yard clinics, vs. CTC (prison hospital with ER).

Clinics are M-F, Hospital is 24 hour.

Some clinics, staff works 4 ten hour shifts. Some are 8 hr.

CTC is usually 12.

Some prison CTC is rotating weekends, some your days off depend on seniority, so you may get stuck with having t/w off till you been there 5 years. OT happens more in CTC then clinics for obvious reasons.

Mandatory OT depends on facility staffing.

Some are staffed well and you only do 1 OT a month, some you will look at 2 a week. And you can't say no, sick children or not.

If you can show up for the beginning of you shift, you better be prepared to stay for OT, otherwise you may want to not consider this type of work.

Mandatory OT tends to happen on weekends, holidays, fridays and mondays.

Typical day would take forever.

CLinics are like any general health clinic.

CTC is a combo of SNF/Rehab/ER/Minor Day surgery.


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Thanks - it really helps me get a feel for clinics vs. CTC. I like not working weekends, so maybe clinic work is where I'll look. Thanks again!


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hi Wolfies2u, I was wondering if you applied to Sierra conservation center, if you are working there now. How is it? I'm interested in applying there and just wanted to know how it is. Thanks!


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Just got an interview for this place, hence the bump up....Can anyone give comments on this place? ANYTHING HELPS!

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How did your interview go? What did they tell you about working clinic or CTC-are you able to apply for one or the other, or do they just assign you when you get the job and tell you to be prepared to work either? Interested in what they said.


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Interview went well! I got a call about a week later for a tentative offer. Of course, I accepted! Now for the waiting game for final approval. I did find out the details and they said I will be rotating. Unfortunately, being a the bottom of the ladder, I have no choice but to get my time in. In the process though, I expect to gain valuable experience. I'm excited! I guess I will be moving soon after all! =D

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Be sure and post later on to give an update on your first opinions in clinic and the med/surg/ER part of it, and which you like the best and why. GOOD LUCK and Congratulations!


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I was hired at Sierra Conservation Center and will know my start date this week. Have you found a place yet? What do you know about where you will be working? I am from the Bay Area and will be going up next week to look for a place.

I live near SCC and was wondering how much and what type of experience the nurses who got hired have? Can you tell me what your experience is like working there? I may be applying there when I get out of nursing school, but I want to make sure I prepare myself by getting the right kind of experience.


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I was recently hired there. I have some Psych experience and love to work in this type of setting. I think if you have a passion for working with the underserved then you will not have a problem getting a job in correctional.

How is the nursing staff to work with? Do they work well as a team?

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