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Cook Children's February 2021 Nurse Residency


Hey everyone! Thought I'd start a thread for people who applied for the upcoming February residency cohort - didn't see one. Which track did you apply to? 🙂 I applied for the med/surg one. Crossing my fingers and hoping to hear about an interview🤞 Good luck!

Hello! I applied to the critical care track! Haven't heard back yet and the wait is hurting my soul haha

Good luck, everyone!

Hey guys! I applied to the med/surg track and am praying for an interview! Keep us posted on if yall get an interview call this week!! Good luck. :)

Hey guys! I applied to the critical care track! This wait is KILLING me! 

good luck everyone!!

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Hey everyone! I also applied for the critical care track. Hopefully we hear something this week 🙂 Best of luck everyone!

Hi guys! 

I also applied to the critical care track. Hoping to hear something soon! Good luck everyone!

I am in the same boat!  We should hear something this week, hopefully.  Good luck everyone! 

I just got a call to interview for the critical care track. 🙂 

Yay! I just got a call to interview for the critical care track.

YAY! Wishing everyone the absolute best!

I also just got a call for med/surg 🤗

Good luck everyone!! Received a call to interview for critical care track as well :))) 


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Also got a call for critical care track today! So excited! :) 

I got a call this afternoon for a critical care interview! Congrats everyone! Good luck!

Congrats to all who landed an interview!

Has anyone heard anything about the perioperative track? Tomorrow is the last day for calls, and I am nervous!

I think they did critical care and med surg today. I know you’ll get the call for perioperative tomorrow. You got this!!

I am keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you! ❤️ 

Hi guys!! I am so happy I found this thread! I also got a phone call for an interview yesterday for the med/surge track!! 

Congratulations everyone!!

Do you guys know anyone that has interviewed with them before?? I was looking around yesterday and a lot of people said the interview was pretty difficult because there is a 3 part case study that you have to answer.. rippp

Received the call for a perioperative interview this morning! Good luck to everyone!