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So I used to be very proficient in Spanish, almost fluent, before I graduated from high school. I stupidly abandoned it in college, and now I've pretty much forgotten all I knew. I'm sure that it would come back easily, but as I apply for schools I've noticed that a lot of them (especially west coast) ask for language skills. (I'm applying for masters-level entry programs). Does anyone know of good audio programs that help with conversational and medical Spanish? I don't mind spending some money on them, I'm just looking for something that I can listen/talk to in the car during my commute. Thanks in advance!



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Following for the medical Spanish. I'm fluent in conversational but translating medical terms seems like a foreign language to me! Lol



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I'm relearning Spanish again too in preparation for a nursing school trip to Ecuador. I also want to be about to communicate with Spanish speaking patients. In my research I found this podcast and really like it. I've not purchased the full series but the free ones are great and I would buy a subscription if I wasn't already paying for weekly lessons with a tutor I found on craigslist. Here's the link:

Medical Spanish | Medical Spanish Podcast

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Try tuning in to some telenovellas on TV! They include a surprising amount of "medical" scenarios - LOL.

Srsly, the podcast seems great! Thanks for the info.