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I have a company making an offer, but I don't like the way part of the contract reads. The recruiter is telling me there is no way she can change the contract that I sign, but she can e-mail me an addendum with her account manager's name on it that will state the changes I requested.

It smells fishy to me :trout:

What do you think?


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There have been times when errors or changes have been made on my contracts. My recruiters have always volunterally mailed a revised contract. Yes, I would be very suspicious!!!....if the recruiter refused...I would insist on a revised contract or ask her to have her manager call me.....and decline the contract....if they refuse to mail me a SIGNED copy. If the changes are legitimate they should have no problem sending you a revised SIGNED copy for you to sign. As we all know...''If it wan't wasn't done'' I would never accept contract changes via e-mail as a legal document.


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What the recruiter is telling you is foolishness. A contract can be modified at any time, as long as both parties agree to the change. An email with the manager's name on it will not do. They need to revise the original hard copy document by striking out existing language and attaching an addendum to it, stating the new terms, to which you would both sign. The original document together with the attached addendum would then become the new contract. Or, they could destroy the original document (and all copies) and start over with a completely new document that includes the new language, to which you would both sign.


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Remember the info NurseguyFL just gave you in his post. This is practical for many contractual actions in life, like house and car buying, insurance contracts, you name it. You want your contract to read the way it is supposed to read. Even then, many people will go against the provisions of the contract, making life miserable enough. But if it is written the way it is supposed to read, you have something to take to an attorney, if you need to.

I can assure you that the piece of paper with the other person's name on it would be useless in a court. Stand up for what you want and get it in writing the first time around.

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