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Hello all!

Just got my license in April and don't know how to go about getting my ceu's done. My license expires next year. I found a couple of websites but I don't know if they're legit or not. Any recommendations? :confused:

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Do you work in a place with other nurses? If so, your employer may offer some classes that provide the required CEU's. Also, your colleagues would probably be able to point you towards local educational programs that would fit your needs.

In additional, most nursing organizations provide educational programs, hold conferences, etc. Many also include CEU courses in their journals. Do you belong to any nursing organizations? If not, maybe you should join one that focuses on your particular specialty. Their materials would help you to keep up-to-date in your particular field. Again, your colleagues can stear you towards the organizations and educational providers that focus on topics that match well with your chosen job.

I'd start your search by talking with your local colleagues, unit educator, etc. before searching on your own for programs that may or may not be of good quality and related to your actual work.


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I just found out yesterday that discovery health has a ce website. It's They show programs on Discovery Health each Saturday, which you can watch and then take the quiz online and print your certificate. You can also get the show via the website or podcast. And it's all free. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks pretty interesting.

Hope that helps!

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Check community colleges and other nursing schools. Many times, they offer CEUs as well. In my area, there are CEUs offered in many places, in fact, if I had the time, I could attend one a week for a year and still have more running over. If you reside in a rural area, it may be significantly less, but try the colleges. What area do you live in? Most places I know have to renew their licenses every three shocks me that you got the license in April and it expires in a year. I guess it depends on the state?


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Check out your board of nursing's website....They usually list approved course providers. I usually do self-study courses that I order online. There are a lot of choices out there. You just want to make sure that the ones you pick are approved by your board.

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Hello all!

Just got my license in April and don't know how to go about getting my ceu's done.

I am licensed in 2 states, California and Texas. Both of these states do not require the licensee to complete CEUs for his/her very first renewal after becoming initially licensed. Since you say you recently got your license, you might want to place a telephone call to your state's BON to see if you're exempted from having to complete CEUs for this very first license renewal.


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I think your first year they give you kinda like a freebie, then you have to do CEUs. What works is taking up a course than you can attribute to RN prereqs. Most of the classes required for RN programs can pass as CEUs :)

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