Constantly worrying about what I DIDN'T do...


Have you ever gone to work and then come home and realize you forgot to do something important or you forgot to tell something to the other CNAs during report or forgot to do report at all? I'm always going home worrying about what I forgot to do, thinking that I'm going to get in trouble for not doing my job completely. Did that happen to you when you were first starting out?

I forgot to give report to the PM shift CNAs and MIGHT have forgotten to chart for one of my residents... She was feeling sick and didn't want to get dressed or take a shower even though it was her shower day, and I feel like I didn't chart her correctly or didn't chart at all for her (I might have skipped over her charts on accident), and I forgot to tell the PM shift CNAs all this for report, and now I feel like I'm going to get in trouble because they might think "Oh she didn't do her job. She didn't even give this resident a shower or get her dressed!! This resident is now saying she's wondering when she'll take a shower and hasn't gotten one all day!!!"

Am I just overreacting?? I'm really scared that I'm gonna get in trouble/get written up for this!!! I took care of her as she requested, but I feel like if anyone else was to ask, there's no proof of it on paper...

I'm a totally brand new CNA, and I always come home worrying about the stuff I forgot to do or didn't get to like ^^ this!!! How do I overcome this, and has this ever happened to you when you were a brand new CNA?


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Yes!!! I'm an RN now, but when I was a CNA, I worried like hell after every shift for a few months. I think it took me 6 months until I felt a little competent. I would wake up in the middle night trying to remember if I rounded on that one patient, or if I drew the right blood tube or if I accidentally forget to check for limb alert, etc. it's totally normal!! You will feel better after a few months, being anxious is a good thing. It's better to be anxious and not make a mistake then be cocky and relaxed

Good luck!!!

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YES!! But, just like "adamfrn" I got over it within a few months. :yes:


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I had the same experience and got over it just like the previous posters stated. I learned quickly that there is no set routine in this industry. Every day is unpredictable. There will always be something you didn't do, always. Whatever you do, do not allow the fear to cause you to chart the things that you didn't do, making it look like you did them.

It will get better. You aren't super human. Go easier on yourself. Slow is fast and fast is slow. Focus on doing it right. Speed will come later. Remember that.


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Just make sure to chart refusals in the care plan so it's at least noted that you attempted said action, also when you give report just make sure to give the low down on what happened during the shift and any other important info the person coming on next May need to know. This will subside as you grow "older" in this position and continue to gain confidence in your work, you will begin to question yourself less and will be able to sleep happy :)

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If you forget to do something, you should always call and let them know. You're new so there are room for mistakes but take responsibility for them :)