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My RN program lets us choose where we want to do our consolidation placements (we have 2) and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on what units might be most beneficial for a nursing student.

loriangel14, RN

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You may want to consider doing your placement in an area of nursing you want to work min after graduation or even at the facility you would like to work at.I did my final consolidation at the hospital that I wanted to work at and I ended up with a job there before my consolidation was even finished.


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It depends on what work you are interested in.

A good surgical or medicine unit is fantastic experience. Time management and skill growth.

The students on my unit do it all. TPN, wound vacs, personal care, attend family conferences if they come up. Participate in codes.

I've had friends go through geriatric day programmes and learn a lot as well.


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Read my mind Lori!!


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I would say to choose the area you eventually want to work in. Even if you don't get a job in that area right away, the expereince may be useful later on when you do have some real work expereince, and want to apply. It may help you decide what you like and don't like in your future "5yr career plan." But, good old med-surg expereince is always really valuable and you may be more apt to getting hired on after.

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Med surg or acute care is a good idea for one of your placements. No matter where you end up in nursing, those skills are valuable. I work LTC now, but I'm a charge nurse. One nurse for 30 people. There is no way I could have succeeded in this role without solid clinical skills. I work in a rural area. We have hired a few experienced nurses who really didn't have the skills anymore. They couldn't handle it and left. Learn as much as you can during your final year.


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I agree with what others have said, and I'd try and do one of your placements in a general med-surg floor and your final one in the area you are most interested in. Best of luck! :)