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Hey Y'all! I'm new here and have just registered for school. I have an AA degree, a BS in IT and Security and I'm at a crossroads. Today I interviewed for a position in a PhD program in Informatics at a Medical University - which is where I thought I wanted to be when I woke up this am. I'm lacking 3 courses in order to apply. I was told that I could apply and be accepted as long as I completed these courses prior to starting the PhD program. Those 3 courses are also required for the ADN program that was sort of my backup plan if I didn't get accepted into the PhD program.

I stopped programming about 17 years ago. It makes me crazy. I love databases and manipulating data, but I hate actually coding - especially when I have to follow someone else's rules. I have panic attacks and seriously fall apart when I code. In speaking with one of my mentors today he reminded me of this shortcoming of mine. I'm thinking that maybe getting my RN and working towards the Nursing Informatics / System Design world is where I want and need to be for my own mental health and enjoyment of my future instead of leaning toward the actual programming/development/research side of things.

In addition, they are accepting only 3 students into the program per year. It could be 1-3 years or more to get accepted and then its a 5 year program. I could have my RN in under 2 years (I have a good portion of the courses already under my belt) and begin immersing myself in the industry to figure out where I fit best.

I would love to hear suggestions from people that are here in this position, how you got there and if there are other options for me that I hadn't really considered.

My strength is databases and everything is a database in healthcare now. I don't necessarily see myself in patient care but at this point I'm just trying to be open to every option. I know that programming isn't my future - but I don't know what is!

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I'm going to be very honest and say that it doesn't sound like you have the desire or personality to work as a nurse. And to be successful in nursing informatics, you really should spend some time being a *nurse* or you will not be incredibly useful to the nurses whom you assist.


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Our EMR specialist has very little nursing experience to go along with his MSN in informatics. When we try to tell him things we need fixed he just stands there with a blank look on his face. I actually had to draw him a diagram explaining the difference between proximal/distal and medial/lateral. He is utterly useless.