Consequences of not forming a therapeutic relationship


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I'm currently a nursing student and doing a paper on a collection of nurses opinions of what they believe happens to the patient when a nurse-client relationship doesn't form. Thank you in advance for replying!!


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If there is no proper therapeutic relationship the patient may not fully benefit from the care and advocacy of the professional nurse. If there is a complete failure in relationship development the patient can actually suffer negative outcomes, particularly if the failure is secondary to poor professional boundaries on the part of the nurse.

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A patient needs to know that you are invested in their goal of functioning to the highest level possible. In that, there's a great deal of teaching that sometimes a patient doesn't want to "hear". Nurses really need to be sure that the education that they are giving a patient is as non-judgemental and impartial as possible.

It is always a good thing to discuss with admissions what the goal of their stay is. Listen to what barriers they believe are present. Look at what barriers you see. Create care plans on the same. Be sure that the goal of the day is discussed every day. Use a multi-disciplinary approach--it will not and should not be just you, but other services that can help.

Some patients want things in bite size pieces. I believe that a theraputic relationship doesn't come to be when patients are overwhelmed, are given too much information that they do not understand, or the nurse is pre-judging a patient so the education they provide is in a tone that suggests failure.

Dealing with Difficult Patients - Nursing@Simmons

Sometimes, it is a patient is not willing or able to be compliant for any number of reasons. Here's a link that you could find helpful.

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