Uniforms for nursing students?

  1. Hi -- Just wondering if anyone knows what the uniforms are like for nursing students at the community colleges -- specifically Gateway, but maybe they're the same for all programs? I'm not sure if they're just scrubs, or something totally different. We can order the uniforms during orientation, but maybe it's cheaper to buy them somewhere else?
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  3. by   CGB1
    I will be starting at Gateway in the Fall and was wondering the same thing. I was also curious if people have become healthcare professional cpr certified yet?
  4. by   jrinct
    Hi CGB1,

    I'm certified already as a professional rescuer, which Gateway is accepting. The Red Cross in New Haven has CPR classes scheduled in June.

    Btw, do you think a specific kind of shoes are also required for the uniform? I can't wait to get my hands on the information packet that's supposed to come in the mail next month...

    See you at orientation!
  5. by   morte
    some programs (have no idea about the ones being discussed) req that you buy your uniforms from a particular supplier.....can be pricey from what i have heard.....if you are on a budget, try networking with the upper classmen, after all they will have no need of theirs (grads that is, i forget that colleges have graduated already, lol)
  6. by   CGB1
    Thanks alot. I do find it a bit frustrating to not know what is going on as we come closer to the orientation and the Fall semester. Hopefully these packets will arrive soon. I am going to sign up for CPR today. Look forward to meeting my fellow classmates!
  7. by   msdeannah
    Hi. where did you guys end up getting your uniforms. I'm at capital and we got ours from Hedi's in west haven. White bottoms, green polo shirts and a white jacket. no crocs.
  8. by   jrinct
    At Gateway, we ordered our uniforms from a place in Wallingford -- I think it's called The Uniform Source. White pants, navy blue polo and white jacket. We have to get all-white sneakers or shoes, but can buy them anywhere.