1. Hi Everyone!

    I saw many other threads from the previous years so I figured I would start a new one for the 2018 cycle. I recently got accepted after applying for the February 17th deadline to my first choice, Avery Point. I just wanted to connect with everyone else that is interested in this program or anyone that is going to be in this program!

    I'm really excited to hear from you all and good luck to everyone who is still waiting to hear back or applying for the other deadlines!
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  3. by   CTmom
    Congrats! Curious if anyone else has heard from admissions? I submitted everything by late January. Have been accepted into another Accelerated Nursing Program that has a May 1st acceptance deadline. And although I love this particular program, I would like to know if I am being accepted into UCONN's CEIN, so can compare financials. (Research shows them to be equally reputable.) Really excited to bust my butt and become a nurse! Best of luck to everyone.
  4. by   Nanct21
    Congrats! When did you turn in your application? Also, when did you receive your acceptance letter? I applied as well for the Feb 17 deadline and an on my last prerequisite now. I have been patiently waiting to receive something in the mail from Uconn!
  5. by   amandafaithhh
    Thank you! I applied February 7th and I received my acceptance letter last Thursday, March 16th. I did call prior to see my application status and they said that they have received many applications and are still in the process of some so I'm sure you will hear back soon! I would try and call and see what your status is!!
  6. by   blackberrymousse
    I applied around Feb. 15th, haven't heard anything. I put Storrs campus as my first choice.
  7. by   Eglute

    I am planning to apply for June 30 deadline for AP location. I am currently finishing A&P 2 and will have Genetics left.
    Did anyone took this class online at QVCC? Am currently at TRCC but they don't offer this class and I have to transfer

    Can you guys get back after you complete your Financial aid? Money is my biggest concern and if I am correct student loans will not pay whole thing and we don't really qualify for financial aid. I just would like to know how helpful financial advisers are with this.

    Good luck to those who still waiting and any advice with applications will be appreciated!
  8. by   mel246
    It looks like I'm in the same boat as you! I have also been accepted to another accelerated nursing program that needs a decision by May 1st, but I'm still waiting on UConn. I had all my materials submitted by the first week of January...when I went to the open house this past fall, they had stated the deadline was January 31st but since then I see it was moved to February 17th, so I knew it would be a few more weeks until I heard anything. Hoping to receive something in the mail soon!
  9. by   mel246
    Hi Eglute! I saw your question about genetics at QVCC...I took the online course there last semester! My undergrad was actually from UConn, but I never took genetics while I was there. Overall, it wasn't a bad class, you just have to stay on top of it because it's entirely online. 20% of your grade is dependent on being active on the discussion board each week (need to post at least 10 posts per week to receive full credit). You also have to write 4 short papers over the course of the semester, in addition to submitting genetics problems each unit. I managed to take it last semester along with another class while working full time and got an A so it's doable Good luck!
  10. by   Nanct21
    I called Uconn a couple of days ago and this young lady that answered told me that they are still making decisions and letters would be mailed in a " few weeks" . I felt it was very generic of an answer and she didn't even look for my packet specifically or anything like that. I tried my best not calling but when I went to orientation, I was told decisions would be made in 3 weeks. I guess I was optimistic!
  11. by   CTmom
    Received acceptance yesterday for Waterbury, my #1 choice. I have a little over one week to accept spot or lose, which is a surprisingly short period of time to finalize decision. Already accepted into the other program I applied for, so need to decide pretty quick. There are worse problems Best of luck to those waiting to here!
  12. by   Eglute
    Thank you! I took Spanish online, it is more time consuming then regular class,,, But good to know what to expect! Did you use the book at all and does the teacher provide the notes? Thank you!
  13. by   mel246
    No problem! The teacher does provide the notes, but I think it definitely helped to read the book as well, especially to prepare for the exams (all online as well). Also, the questions you have to submit each unit are at the end of the chapter. There's a 2nd book they suggest that gives you practice doing genetics problems, but I would say I didn't use it too much; I mostly looked up sample problems online.
  14. by   Eglute
    Great, thanks and good luck!

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