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Hi everyone, I noticed that a forum for UCONN absn program for 2019 hasn't been made, so i have decided to make one:) I applied for this program in december for the feburary deadline. This is my... Read More

  1. by   texasaggies15

    I applied for the August 1st deadline, and was just curious on about how long it took for yall to receive letters on whether you were accepted or not! Thanks so much!
  2. by   DreamQueen

    I applied for the February deadline and was accepted by March 28th. So about 5-6 weeks worth of waiting. It seems they send the acceptance and rejections in waves, with the acceptances being sent first. Not 100% positive though, just an observation. Sending you positive vibes! Good luck!
  3. by   ejones519
    Hello everyone!
    I applied for the program earlier this year and got my acceptance letter in March.
    However, other than being in contact with Heather, I have not heard anything as far as payment to the Bursar of $1000 to reserve my seat in the program.
    Has anyone else encountered the same situation?
  4. by   KoriM13
    Hey Everyone,

    I applied for the August 1st deadline, and I received an acceptance email about three(ish) weeks after I submitted my application. They said that an email will be sent out in a a few weeks with directions about logging into the website to make the payment.
  5. by   SJ209
    Hi Everyone!
    I was thinking it would be nice to get to know everyone who is going to be attending the program. I thought about making a Facebook group where we could post questions or just get to know each other and am wondering if anyone would be interested in that?
  6. by   ejones519
    That sounds like a great idea. I'm in!
  7. by   KoriM13
    Sounds good!
  8. by   DreamQueen
    Has anyone created a group yet? If not, I can take the initiative to create one but need at least one other person to do so. Any takers?
  9. by   SJ209
    I haven't made the group yet but I am willing to help you create it if you want!
  10. by   SJ209
    If you would like to join the Facebook group it is called UConn CEIN 2019!!
  11. by   KoriM13
    I can't find the group, can you invite me my name is Kori Michaud
  12. by   SJ209
    If anyone else has a hard time finding the group let me know!
  13. by   Pgp2020
    Hi , I applied for the August deadline got accepted for the Stamford campus . What is the Facebook group name ?? ( new to this site )