The Nursing Workforce Crisis and its Financial Impact on Connecticut

  1. the nursing workforce crisis and its financial impact on connecticut

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    wednesday, september 13, 2006, 8:30 am- 2:30 pm aqua turf country club
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    by 2010, connecticut will be short 11,100 registered nurses (rns). by 2020, short 22,400 rns.
    • in four short years, most of our connecticut hospitals will be short 208 rns
    • in 14 years, most of our connecticut hospitals will be short 420 rns -
    • a 53% vacancy rate at hospital bedsides- when the peak of the "baby boom" generation will need care
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  3. by   RXCT
    One state of CT statistic stated that by 2012, 1/2 the LPN/RN working will now be retired & the amount coming in is nowhere where it should crazy amounts off....nursing is your field of work that will get you a job....but, it will dive you insane as well...gotta love it or leave it. Remember this, a nurse (rn/lpn) need to have some type/sort of dysfunction to function....almost like a glutten for punishment. I fall into this catergory...I admit I need to be a little bit stressed in order to get through the day... I appear very calm on the outside but, can't survive a lazy/do nothing day......Example: I've been working all week , very tired (kids etc.), can't even spell correctly on this discussion board at 11:30Pm (my only night off)..yet I still come here and blow time instead of getting the rest/relax most would need. it's a crazy situation but, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like all the others do too!
    PS sorry to have gone crazy writing, I actually have forgoten which post I was originally replying to!!!! sorry all. have a good one!