1. Now the state LPN schools are requiring the TEAS instead of the NET for entrance exams. Would love some advice and info about the TEAS from everyone who has taken it!
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  3. by   mattfd37
    go to atitesting.com. make sure you get the study manual its worth it.
  4. by   jrinct
    I took the test last fall and found the study manual to be particularly helpful for the math section. CTPCTstudent, I still have the manual and it's in good shape (I didn't write in it). PM me if you're interested.

    And good luck on the test!
  5. by   msdeannah
    really practice the math that was the section where time was really an issue for me. make sure you know area, fractions, ratios, percentages, conversions, ect. When I took it at BHSON the first question was to find the average of a students grades. I let nerves get the best of me and I could not get the answer to that question. I spent maybe 5 minutes on an easy question. Don't do that I was never able to recover after that, Chemistry and physics and a&p are there. But the earth science comes straight from the study guide, make sure you know this stuff. (i didn't lol) There are no surprises no trick questions if you study you will be fine.

    Good luck get the manual.
  6. by   CTPCTstudent
    Thanks for the info! I actually just got the book otherwise I would have been glad to have bought it from you!
  7. by   Blackbeauty93
    Here is a Site for all Exams no matter what it is............Practice!

  8. by   jrinct
    Well then you're off to a good start -- happy studying!
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  9. by   CGB1
    Definitely review the manual, and spend time with the math as suggested above. The first time I took the exam, I did not even finish the math section, so be sure to move right along. The rest of the sections I had plenty of time. Also, know that you are allowed to retake the exam after 90 days(I think its 90), so it's not the end of the world if you don't get it down as well as you would like the first time. Good luck!
  10. by   CTPCTstudent
    Thanks for the info! Actually it can be taken every 30 days, so I am sure I will take it at least twice!