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Hi, Just was wondering if anyone has been accepted to St. Vincent's College in recent weeks? I know there are tons of applicants now and would be curious to hear of anyone who will be starting... Read More

  1. by   workinmomRN2012
    Hi Lyndy- If you are going to apply for the Oct program you should apply about 2 months in advance. You will need to get your paperwork in order ie- medical and transcripts and that usally takes a while. Also, my only other suggestion is that whenever you send them any paperwork always, always follow up with an email ( that way you have your answer in writing). You need to keep on top of them. I got tired of trying to get a hold of someone on the phone- email is much better! They respond much quicker. The office staff tend to misplace paperwork, for example, my transcpits were send from housatonic on a Monday and on Wednesday I called St. V's to see if they received them yet- no they didn't. I called housatonic the same day and told them to resend the documents, St. V's called me 10 minutes later and guess what- they found my transcripts in another office. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. by   lyndy594
    Thanks for info and advice. I'd be interested to know where you end up working with your MSA certificate. Let me know and best of luck!
  3. by   nikki109
    Just sent my Nursing application in to St. V's the other day.. so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    Has anyone else heard back and been accepted?
  4. by   lyndy594
    Best of luck! Very exciting. I will be applying for their MSA program over the summer to begin in Oct.
  5. by   lyndy594
    Just wanted to find out what you are doing now. Did you look for a job in the field, or are you going on to a nursing program. I did get in to the MSA program at St. V. for the fall and am exicted. Just working on all of the immunizations they require. Would love to hear what you're doing.

  6. by   workinmomRN2012
    Hi Lyndy- I graduated the MSA in April and got a job in homecare in June. The hospitals are not hiring for any of the skills that I learned while in the MSA program. I had interviews this week with 2 nursing homes and I started one of them yesterday and I have another interview today. So, technically right I have 2 jobs in healthcare right now. I put alot of effort into finding a job, a few hours a day on the computer to find out where the nursing homes were and to get to their websites. Out of the 10 students in my class only 3 have started jobs so far, it's a start.
    While I was in the MSA program, I looked into the nursing program at St.V's and applied. I was accepted for fall 09. I am also taking an online course right now at st.v's, lifespan. I will start with A&PI in the fall- a&p is part of their nursing program. They really want you to take a&p at st.v's rather that another school. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.
  7. by   lyndy594

    Are you glad that you went for the MSA rather than right into nursing? This will give the you opportunity to work while you are in the nursing program. Were you surprised that the hospitals weren't looking for MSA's? Was it just bad timing, or do the hospitals not have a real need for MSA's? Good luck in the jobs. You are in better shape than most people who can't find any work period.

  8. by   workinmomRN2012
    Hi Lynn- Yes, I am very glad that I did the MSA first. I won't feel like it is so foreign to me when I start clinicals, I think that I would feel like a fish out of water. Plus, I really do think that you learn so much in the MSA, you get hands on training in an actual LTC (Lord Chamberlain) and then in the medical center at St. V's. I was advised in the very beginning when I was thinking about going to nursing school- to do CNA work first, you definetly find out if your cut out for this work! If you look around on allnurses, you will find that some states actually require their RN students to have been a CNA already, before appying to schools, so they don't waste time on simple things like making beds- you'll learn that as part of the CNA portion of the MSA course.
    As far as not getting a job in a hospital, I do believe it is just timing. There are still other jobs out there- home health and per diem/perm in a nursing home. I believe it will pick up, it may take a little time though. Think positive!!!
    Your instructor for the MSA can be tough, if you pay attention/do the work on site- some of the stuff is just common sense anyway.:spin:
  9. by   lyndy594
    I am very much looking forward to it and thanks for the info. I wish you the best. I am a bit apprehensive about phlebotomy. I want very much to do it and just hope I don't surprise myself but having an adverse reaction to it. Otherwise, I am ready to go! Sounds like the group that goes through MSA is kept small. You said there were ten in your class. I like that.

    Thanks again for your experiences. Lynn
  10. by   nikki109
    Hi guys!
    Has anyone taken the anatomy & physiology comptency exam at St. Vincent's? I have to take it soon and I am very nervous!! I heard it's really difficult.. I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed.