rn salary in ct

  1. i have been asking for a long time, I even called Human resourses, nothing. i am addressing all the ct rn or lpn. can you please tell me what the salary is for hosp or home care rn. i work briefly in the hospital, but my speacialty is per visit home health. i have family there and it is one of the two states that i am considering moving to.


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  3. by   pokey sn
    If you are still interested, go to salarymonster.com. I think in connecticut the average starting salary in between $45-$50 thousand. I guess it depends on where you work. my sister in a LPN and she make $29 an hour working every weekend 12 hour shifts in long term care, but as a new grad, hospitals are offering between $22-24/hr. Good luck.
  4. by   RNLifesaver
    There is definatly a nursing shortage in Ct and you will not have any trouble finding a position!!
    As for rates of pay- To the best of my knowledge and from what I have seen myself and heard from others-

    Home Care
    per visit is about $35/visit and $50 or $60 for an admission.

    Not so sure anymore. It's been so long!

    Long term care
    RN's about 24-28 base + shift diffs, w/e diffs, etc. Plus usually more if you supervise.
    In a 90 bed facility I had made 24 base + 4 Supervisor pay + 1.50 shift diff + 1.50 weekend diff. which brought me up to $31/hr on weekends. And I believe that is one of the lower paying positions.

    Staff Relief
    Generally 35/hr to take the floor, 40 to sup and 50 to sup w/ floor. no benefits though.....

    Again, these figures are only from what I can recall. Also, the pay varies depending on what location you would be living/working in. Good luck in your decision and your job quest!!
  5. by   usyankee
    What is the base salary per hour for an LPN working in long term care with 18 years experience (working in long term care) in the New Haven, CT area?
  6. by   noelia23RN
    does anyone know what a new grad's hourly pay rate is in Hartford Hospital or in the surrounding hospitals ?
  7. by   APatriganiRN
    Quote from noelia23RN
    does anyone know what a new grad's hourly pay rate is in Hartford Hospital or in the surrounding hospitals ?
    I was offered positions at St. Francis in Hartford and two other CT hospitals (one of which is a Hartford Healthcare/ Hartford Hospital affiliate), and the offers ranged from $27.25-$28.85/hr (base, before differentials). The only classmates of mine who are making more than that are the ones who went into LTC, which is supposedly around $30/hr starting.
    Doesn't quite add up to that $70k average that everyone talks about, haha.
  8. by   bananimal
    Hartford Hospital base pay for new grads is currently 28.50. 15% evening/night differential, and 25% weekend differential.