Quinnipiac Accelerated Program 2012

  1. Hey everyone,

    I haven't seen a QU 2012 thread yet so I figured I would start one.

    We should be hearing admission decisions by end of this week/next week! I've been doing pretty good with the waiting game up until this week...now I'm stressed and dying to know.

    Has anyone spoke to anyone in QU admissions recently about when the letters are going out?
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  3. by   nkittiph
    I have actually been looking to see if anyone else was waiting and checking the website for others in the same boat. I am nervous and have been since I submitted the application. I am excited that the wait is almost over. From now until I find out, I am officially the mailman stalker.

    Thank you for posting.
  4. by   tinatac
    I'm glad you responded so I'm not the only one! haha I'm really hoping we hear this week but I'm thinking it will probably be next week.

    Did you apply anywhere else?
  5. by   nkittiph
    I know it's better to apply to multiple programs, but I decided to apply to only one. What about you?
  6. by   ksahlberg
    Hi guys,
    I'm hoping you could share your experience with me. I’m interested in an accelerated nursing program (I have a bachelors in biology) but I’m worried about finances. I already have about 50K in debt from undergrad and QU seems expensive. Anyone in my same boat? If so, how are you financing your education? Did you have a savings? Are you living with anyone? Any details will definitely help!
  7. by   tinatac
    nkittiph - at least you're saving money that way! Apps are expensive. I've heard of a lot of people applying to only one program so you're not alone. I've applied to a handful - Rochester, JHU, Duquesne to name a couple. I'd really love QU though!

    ksahlberg - I don't have that much debt from my undergrad but the accelerated programs are still super expensive regardless. My parents are helping me thankfully but I also will be taking out loans. I just graduated in May so I'm still living at home right now to save money so I'll be putting some of that towards my education! As for living with someone...definitely. If I get into QU, I can remain at home. If I attend somewhere out of state, I'll certainly be needing a roommate!
  8. by   nkittiph
    The fees do add up. Due dates for all college applications should be changed to some time after tax time.

    The cost of the accelerated nursing program varies depending on where you apply and the degree you want. Since I live in the CT area, here are some of the programs that I have looked at:

    In comparison to other accelerated nursing programs in CT, QU is on the higher end of the financial spectrum, but Southern CT State University also has a one year accelerated BSN and is only a fraction of the cost. Bridgeport Hospital has a diploma program (2 years). The CT Community Colleges offer an ASN (2 years). There is also UCONN and Yale where you can take the NCLEX after the first year and continue on for a MSN.
  9. by   laur0101
    has anyone heard? i emailed an admissions counselors and he said they would be sending decisions no later than dec. 1....
  10. by   tinatac
    Ugh, just got the email stating letters won't be sent out until 12/12 due to the 'extraordinary number of competitive applicants'.

    Thanks, just what I wanted to hear! Here's to more waiting...
  11. by   nkittiph
    We will find out sooon!!! I am going to be out of state next week so I told my fiance to refrain from telling me if the mailman finally delivers the letter. I will read the results the following week We will see...
  12. by   TC1087271
    I got accepted into the program. Did anyone else? Would love to get to know everyone.
  13. by   Nhrt25
    Hi TC1087271 and everyone,

    I got accepted too. Now I'm super nervous about how hard it will be!