Patient fall with injury who is at fault?

  1. Patient fall with injury. Tech asked the patient in the morning if they would like to shower but the patient declined at the time stating they would, but much later in the day. The tech gathered the supplies for showering at that time and placed them in the patient's room on a chair so they would be readily available. The tech instructed the patient to call via the call bell when ready to shower. The tech checked in on the patient throughout the day inquiring about the shower each time, but the patient continued to decline and state they would shower later. That afternoon the patient independently ambulated to the shower without calling for the tech, independently showered, and fell when exiting the shower. Another tech found the patient on the bathroom floor, the nurse was notified, an assessment was conducted, and xray taken. Prior to xray the patient was asked what happened and stated they neglected to place a towel on the floor before attempting to exit the shower. My the tech at fault?
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  3. by   chare
    If you have accurately described the situation, no.
  4. by   FolksBtrippin
    Not the tech's fault.
  5. by   Lipoma
    No one is at fault except the patient.

    As a former nursing assistant, I find it troubling that a fellow co-worker is ready to put blame on the aide/assistant during fall injuries instead of focusing on how to prevent future falls.

    One of my patients fell while I was on break and you know what my RN said? "This is your fault" when I came back to the floor lmao. Did she ever stop to think why on earth it would be my fault while I was on break and she was ON the floor? Bed alert setting was activated so yeah, while she was too busy elsewhere, HER patient fell and she tried to use me as a scape goat.

    This is why I will never return to inpatient as an RN when I graduate next year, I'll stay my happy-go-lucky self in outpatient.
    /end rant.