NVCC and question about titers

  1. Hoping some of you NVCC people from last year can give me a hand. I just started gathering my documents for admission and I have a question about immunizations. The information packet says titers or immunization records. When I log into CastleBranch to submit, it says I have to submit titers.

    Are we required to get titers done..?
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  3. by   ThatChickOmi
    I want to know the same. I apparently need to get my Hep B boosters as well as Tdap since I never got them. I did receive tetanus in 2012 and Dtap as a baby but never got the whole Tdap since. Got the first Hep B one, need to get second in a month then the last one 6 months from today. I also had to get the first TB test today and need the second in two weeks.

    After all that is done, do I still need titers...? I hope not....
  4. by   CT Pixie
    I'm not a former NVCC student,but I know I had to provide titer results for certain vaccines. I know I needed to provide titers for chicken pox, hep series and MMR. There may have been others but I can't recall now. Thankfully all my titers came back showing immunity.

    After you get the Hep series is normal procedure to have titers drawn. Some people don't convert with the first series and require additional ones.

    Some vaccines don't always last a lifetime and boosters need to be done, by getting titers done you know definitively if you're protected or not.
    Best advice, contact the school to verify if titers are needed.