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  1. hello everyone!

    i'm a pre nursing student ! i go to housatonic community right now & i'm completing my prerqusites! i'm starting to feel the rush of anxiety because now that is 2012; i feel like the countdown is really begining until that fall 2013 nursing program. @ ncc. i didnt want to do the bridgeport program just because i live in stamford and i feel like ncc is closer; and i heard their nursing program is superb! anyway, i take my teas on the 27th. i'm nervous and i'm studying from the manual i hope it helps! i already completed eng101 and recieved a b, & csa 106- recieved an a ;i take mat*137 in the spring 2012, che*111 in the summer a&p1 in the fall & a&p2 in the spring of 2013, btw that is the only class that is acceptable to do so.. i'm just nervous & i want to know is anyone in my predicament or beyond that ! can anyone tell me what am i in for!! please i need detail orientated people in my circle! i feel like now that this is something i want to do i'm feeling alot of animosity from friends because i don't want to hang out ! i don't even like hanging out i have a 3 year old daughter & i'm 22 years old btw! i have alot of help from my family they just want to make sure i finish school! i'm so glad i have them! but anyway like i was saying before i got side tracked is anyone applying for fall 2013 nursing @ ncc or any of the ccc? i wanna know if anyone feels like me! lol thanks!
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  3. by   otilika
    Hi there! I am starting the nursing program in January 2013. Let me know if you want any questions answered.
  4. by   Sammie2015
    Thanks so much! You Start January 2013 Lucky you that you completed everything! How was your Teas Exam Scores? & what did you receive in Mat 137? I know they really care for the science curriculum's more ! I take Chemistry in the Summer !
  5. by   otilika
    Hi Sammie,

    I never took a math class at NCC because I took a placement test at the very beginning, and it placed me above the requirements. With the placement test results I was able to register for all the other classes that have math as a pre-requisite.

    I loved chemistry, and what I liked about it especially was that it made you very serious about doing homework and studying. You need to be very persistent in order to succeed in the other classes, such as A&P, and chemistry teaches you to be that. I personally found chemistry to be pretty easy, but of course that is because I took chemistry in high school and had very good teachers. In any case, I think that everybody who wants to be a nurse should be able to get a good grade in chemistry, since that's just the beginning of everything. The book is great and even when I didn't understand something, I would go home and read the chapter, and focus, and re-read if necessary, to make sure I understood everything. You want to make it a goal to understand everything, because you will need this skill later, in other classes. The tutoring center at NCC has great tutors who can help with both math, and chemistry, if necessary.

    About the Teas... when I registered for the test I decided to take it once, just to see what it's like, and I didn't study AT ALL! I thought I would take it again, for the score. But I ended up getting 84% from the first time, and was advised that it's a great score and I didn't need higher, so I didn't bother to take it again. I don't think TEAS is a difficult test. Math is based on fractions, percentages, knowing how to work with decimal places (which is also taught in chemistry), simple equations and things like that. There are some A&P questions, some chemistry questions and there were also physics questions. Now I totally guessed on the physics questions, cause I only took physics in High school and never liked it. Anyway, my suggestion is that you can take the TEAS whenever you want to see just what it's like, and then, if necessary, take it again when you finish at least A&P I. There are questions that you won't know unless you took A&P.

    Good luck with math and chemistry and let me know if you have any questions!

    PS: For A&P and microbiology , ******* is the best professor. She is tough, but very nice and very helpful and fair.
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  6. by   nicole_
    hey! i know you posted a while ago, but this is my first post on here lol! i got accepted for ncc spring 2013... if you need anything just let me know! and good luck!!
  7. by   Smitty08
    I went to NNC for nursing back in the Stone Age, I graduated in '84. It was the best thing I could have ever done. I'm still working in Nursing as a Psych NP and this year completing my Doctorate (DNP). The whole program at NCC cost me $2000. - how about that?? I'm sure its quite a different program now, but it was excellent even then. Definitely one of the most academically challenging things I have ever done, but I was also a kid then. It was a very busy 2 years. The stack of text books practically reached the ceiling and the syllabus was as thick as a phone book. But I took a deep breath and got through. We started our class with 103 students and I think it was 43 that graduated. It was that challenging. I wouldn't fixate on getting "A"s - very difficult. Just get through!! Seems like we had a test every day. Try to work only at a minimum and devote yourself to the program! Best of luck to you, you are making a very wise move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nursing is a truly great field that I love love love.
  8. by   malamud69
    Make sure your A&P and science teachers go over actual scenarios as in: Evaluating a CBC and understanding what the test results mean if you are dealing with a real human being, or a patient presents with septic shock etc...what will his vitals look like. This is critical...Just "memorizing" facts that you will forget will not help you in the real world...from what I understand the sciences up at NCCC in Winsted are the best around and teach with this model...lots of real world situations and case studies...not just pure and boring memorization. Good luck...get a tutor if you need will be fine. But don't let people fool you..the programs are highly competitive...You need to get an A in A&P 1 and do at least 84 on your TEAS if you want a solid rank, otherwise its luck of the draw. I would start going online now and doing as many TEAS practice tests that you can...the web is full of them.
  9. by   bamboo2
    Where did you hear that NCC was a good nursing program?From someone who graduated or a professional working in the field?
  10. by   3rdgenRN2B
    I'm pre-nursing at ncc (returning this fall after "exploring my options") and I have it on pretty good authority that ncc's nursing program is excellent! And this is from the DON at a local hospital. FYI.
  11. by   jeanbeth
    NCC has a good reputation for RNs who can do the work. Last year my place hired four new grads including me - one BSN from NYU, one BSN from UConn, and two of us (ADNs from NCC). By the end of one year the NYU got fired for too many errors, the UConn quit for personal reasons, and my place went back to NCC to recruit and hired two more new ADNs from NCC. And they don't hire many new grads usually.
  12. by   jeanbeth
    Sammie 2015, how's it going?