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Hi! I am attending New England Tech and took my final today and passed!! :spin: My exit exam is on Thursday....anyone out there have any hints, tricks, study guides...something to help me through... Read More

  1. by   blkdbz
    I know your post is from Feb and it is now April, but I just wanted to tell you DONT give up hope for RN. I too was doing pre-req's for RN and decided to try for LPN first, due to work reasons. I tried for Vinal in Middletown and was denied. I was accepted, of course, to NETI then decided not to because of the outrageous amount of money. I said what the heck let's apply to Bpt hospital. I didn't think I'd get in because of how competitive it is and I got a letter in early March that I was accepted for this fall. IT is possible, just dont give up.
  2. by   cristina2581
    Thanks blkdbz, good luck @ bpt hospital I heard great things about that program. I will never give up my dream of becoming a Nurse it's what I wanted for a long time. Good luck let me know how the program is when you start. Take care
  3. by   R0xyg4l
    I just wanted to lend my opinion on NETi or Lincoln Tech. I live all the way in Norwich and travel to New Britain area three days a week for evening classes (four days if you start anytime soon)... the price for the program is so ridiculous. We have mass amounts of inconsistencies in our program. We've gone through about three or four evening directors. We had one from Hamden who only seemed concern about Hamden, thank goodness we have another one who is actually one of our teachers.

    When I went through mod I, II and III I only had clinical at long term care facilities. One of our clinical teachers quit in the middle of mod 3 sending me back to a horrible clinical site that I essentially had been at for all of mod II and III. I didn't get any opportunity to even really do dressings until mod IV and V. I finally have experience and will be graduating in July. It was hard to make the transition from you're going to nursing school and only doing CNA stuff then all of a sudden HEY YOUR A NURSE. Did I mention they don't care where you're driving from... they just assign you whatever clinical rotation they place you in.

    We've had so many problems with management it has been crazy. Everyone runs things their own way and has different expectations. We had the king of wrath who let his ego take over and made it hell for everyone. Then we had another lady who was too bombarded with the inadequacies we already faced and quit in like a day. Then we had a teacher that was from Hamden that didn't really seem all that concerned with our campus. She insisted all of us had voted on our class awardee when in fact only four people did. And she treated us like kids and refused to let us do a revote even though there was like at least a month before the LPN day. And finally we have our med/surg teacher which is a breathe of fresh air.

    You have to pay for a lot of stuff at Lincoln Tech! Not only are you paying 5x the amount possibly 6x now compared to your average LPN school... but you also have to pay for a lot of little things even down to your graduation pin. For the amount of money you pay you'd think that you'd have consistency which has never been there... you'd think you'd have great clinical sites... I've really only had two out of my whole experience... you'd think you had teachers that actually care about you passing... naw not really... you'd think you'd have enough dummies to practice skills on... no it took us hours and you think you'd have top of the line enviroment to learn in... oh lets not talk about the ever so loud AC system and heating system they never seem to actually look out the window to check to see if it should be on or off... we also have had times when we had to be verbally given our test grades or they would hand the test back because a printer or copier wasn't working or there was no paper... where the heck does all the money we pay in tuition go?!?

    Lastly, we started off with nearly 60 people in our class and are now down to 15. That may be common in some nursing programs... but I wonder if they cost you 25k++ to go to. I spoke with someone who went to Norwich Tech and they started with 42 and I believe she said they ended up with 41 or 40....

    I thank my lucky stars I still am intending on graduating in July... but if you're thinking about Lincoln Tech please explore other options. It's definetly one of the worst decisions I've made and I beat myself up ever day I have class during that two hour round trip drive.

    I know this post is sorta dead and no one probably wants to hear me rant. But I really had to get that off my chest. Thank you!
  4. by   stacey0813
    Has anyone gone through the Lincoln tech evening program in Shelton? If so, how good are the instructors and where are all the clinical sites?
    Thank You
  5. by   VentMonkey
    I actually have dated two girls that went to NETI, and from everything I heard it was hell. They both went to the New Britain campus, described the insane student failure rates, incompetent teachers, awful clinical sites, high tuition, etc. NETI New Britain is not about helping students become nurses, providing quality education, or any of the other things a nursing school should represent. It's about money. If you fail, they get your full tuition, a practice that is virtually unheard of in nursing schools. They therefore have no incentive to provide you with quality education; whether you last one month or fifteen, they get their 30k. And all the better if you fail, that's one more student they can toss in next semester. They prey on the hopes and dreams of people looking for a better life, and should have their nursing program shut down.

    What I find incredible, however, is that their Shelton campus is supposed to be decent. What... The... Hell?!

    Anyways, just the horror stories of NETI are what pushed me to go for my RRT program. Not even 400 bucks a semester after financial aid, a much more relaxed schedule, and none of the dreaded CNA work I heard about for the better part of two years.
  6. by   mychelleb37
    I was in the first graduating class at NE Tech and can assure you that it is alot of hard work. The reason she asked you those questions is because it is a HUGE commitment. I have 3 kids and trust me it was hard to study, be a mom and work. THe are not trying to discourage you just helpyou to understand how hard it is. THey also told me they had a 100% pass rate and guess what....they did! I was also the first person to take my boards and pass in my class! They thouroughly prepared me! DOn't be discouraged ...Make the right choice for yourself but stick with it if you choose to be a nurse.....It was the best thing I ever did and many doors have opened from it! Good luck!!!!!
  7. by   mychelleb37
    Quote from misspriss077
    Hi! I am attending New England Tech and took my final today and passed!! :spin: My exit exam is on Thursday....anyone out there have any hints, tricks, study guides...something to help me through this anxiety? Thanks!
    I graduated for NETI in Shelton! 1st graduating class there in 2004! Just remember the ABC's,always, and you will be fine. Refer to this when you take the NCLEX also. And as our graduating class always said....Take you time but.....Hurry up!!!!!!!!
    ....Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
  8. by   cocoadelights
    Hi all I am interested in applying to Bullard Haven LPN program but since I don't have much money I am scared that I won't get financial aid to cover everything. Is it possible to get financial aide for the full cost of the program?. Also the pre req's that are needed intermediate algebra and english composition how do I go about signing up for these classes. I have no idea how the school system here works in US for college classes do I start with getting these courses do I have to enroll in the college to take the classes

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!