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Hi! I am attending New England Tech and took my final today and passed!! :spin: My exit exam is on Thursday....anyone out there have any hints, tricks, study guides...something to help me through... Read More

  1. by   LuvWounds
    what and where is new england tech
  2. by   CT Pixie
    What New England Tech Institute (now known as Lincoln Tech) is, is a technical school that has an LPN school.

    The only schools of the many Lincoln Techs in Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachussets, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas that have the LPN course is :
    Hamden, Connecticut
    New Britian Connecticut
    Shelton Connecticut
  3. by   cristina2581
    Hey all, I just got home from the Lincoln Tech LPN info session (New Britain campus). I just don't know what to do, I really want to start a program sooner that later all the state run programs don't start until August 08. The info session was ok but I felt like I was being forced into signing up for the entrance exam just to get anymore info. She kept saying your first step its to take the exam then we will talk. Its a really expensive school and for me its basically finanical aid or nothing. Ok I'll stop rambling now.
  4. by   CT Pixie
    What type of info are you looking for? Maybe I can help, or someone else who's going to start there, or someone who's attending now or who graduated already.

    Anything specific you have in mind?

    The test was $20. I took it on a whim, not really positive what I was going to do. I passed and decided it was time that I finally finish what I had started soooo many years ago.
  5. by   cristina2581
    I guess what Im really afraid of is getting accepted to the program but not getting any financial aid. I could never afford to pay 28,000. I know everyones situation is different but has anyone graduated from this program with financial aid paying for all of it. I have no problem paying for the test, CPR classes, backround check etc, supplies etc. Thats why I not sure what I should do, I have my test scheduled for this Saturday the 10th. Is there reallythat big of a difference between Lincoln Tech and the state run programs? Thanks Pixie for responding . And thanks to all who read this.
  6. by   CT Pixie
    I am farrr from wealthy, but we do ok. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to get enough money in loans, grants, etc in order to attend since we aren't "poor" and knew that a payment plan during school might be making us tighten our belts too tight. Well right off the bat the Government will give everyone Stafford Loans (both subsidized and unsubsidized..meaning the gov pays the intrest on the loan during your schooling for the subsidized one) as long as you've never defaulted on a Student Loan Before. Then SallieMae has all types of private loans. How's your credit?

    I got the Signature Loan through SallieMae, took $15K or so..the other chunk of the tuition was paid by the Stafford Loans..all of which I pay back starting 6 mths after graduating.

    There are also Grants which you don't have to pay back, depending on your income from your 2005 tax return, how many people you support etc.

    Take the test, and when you pass, you can then talk with financial aid. Believe me when I tell you, they WANT you in school. Its $$ in their pocket.

    When you say difference between Lincoln Tech and the State run schools..what exactly do you mean? are you talking about a difference in tuition..well then YES huge difference. If your talking about the actual schooling you will receive, I doubt it. The State Board of Nurses regulates the schools (private and State run) and they all have to incorporate the same things to be taught. The both run about 15 months, both have day and evening. Big diff between the two is the tuition and the time it takes to get in. there are waiting lists for the State schools. Its up to you if you want to wait it out or not.

    I know that the CPR class is $55, the background check is $150, supplies well hit Staples and grab some pens, pencils, note pads, backpack etc cheap enough. Scrubs can be gotten for $9.99 for the top and $9.99 for the bottom (ok so 20 for a set) at Work n' Gear.

    Don't want to sound like I am pushing you toward Lincoln. I just wanted to give you some info. If it were possible for me to get into the State program NOW, like it was for Lincoln, then I'd gone to the State school, mostly due to the cost. But for me Lincoln tech-Shelton is literally 5 minutes from me (saves on commuting time and gas). The clinical sites are very very close to me (one is actually a mere block or so) which makes it easy.
  7. by   cristina2581
    Thanks Pixie for all the Info I guess I'll take the test and see how I do. After that if I get accepted I'll have to have a talk with the finacial aid office and see where I stad with that. Good luck to you and to all who are in the program. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again
  8. by   LPNEMSCT
    Hi Cristina, I just started the LPN program at Bullard Havens Techncal School on January 22.Everyone thinks that there is a waiting list but you either get in or you don't. If they tell you you are on the waiting list that pretty much means try again next year. I also looked into NETI(Lincoln Tech)took the entrance exam, had my interview and was "accepted"(they accept anyone)I went as far as paying the $50 to hold my seat until my financial aid appointment, waiting and hoping to get my acceptance letter into the state school. My friend also got accepted to Lincoln,she went through the financial aid process and I found out that she didn't get accepted for the entire amount, she has to pay around $260/month to make up the difference(this doesn't include interest). Also my admissions rep told me because I asked how many people that he has seen get the entire $30,000(in October,more now) covered by financial aid and he said none. At that point I withdrew my application and took my chances of getting in to Bullard Havens. The total tuition is $3900, after books and uniforms about $5000 for the entire program and you get grants. So if money is an issue(like it was for me) I suggest you wait for the next class to start at the state school.
  9. by   cristina2581
    Thanks for the reply anazhe,
    I never went for my enterance exam on Sat. the 10th I called and cancelled. I have been taking pre-reqs for what seems to be for ever and now I only have 3 left before I can apply to the nursing program @ Gateway Community College. I was just considering the LPN program because it would be quicker. I was looking into Vinal Tech in Middletown but the classes don't start up again until August 08. So now all I am going to do is finish my pre-reqs, apply in Jan. 08 and then see what happens if I don't get in right away and the wait is forever then I will look into the Vinal Tech program.I believe they start the enterance exam testing in Oct/Nov 07 so I guess it wouldn't hurt to take it just incase I don't get in to the nursing program @ Gateway. Ok I'll shut up now.
  10. by   LPNEMSCT
    I know what you mean. I was also going for my RN at first and was only 3 classes away from applying but I had a problem with financial aid so that's why I enrolled in LPN school. Keep moving forward and good luck.
  11. by   ctnurselinda
    I graduated from New England Tech. in 1999, was part of their first class, and we designed the school pin..It was a full 12 month course, the cost was $12,000, which included everything, all books, uniforms. The only thing extra we had to pay for ourselfs was pen, paper, ect..How much does it cost to go there now, I heard alot..
  12. by   CT Pixie
    Quote from ctnurselinda
    I graduated from New England Tech. in 1999, was part of their first class, and we designed the school pin..It was a full 12 month course, the cost was $12,000, which included everything, all books, uniforms. The only thing extra we had to pay for ourselfs was pen, paper, ect..How much does it cost to go there now, I heard alot..
    $28K!! We do get our clinical uniforms (3) as part of the tuition and books..everything else we paid for..including scrubs (manditory) for classtime, stethescopes, penlights, bandage scissors pens/pencils, paper..everything.

    The course is now full time 15 months.
  13. by   ctnurselinda
    We did have to buy a stethessope and bandage scissors, which I still use today...We did not have to wear scrubs in the class room either, regular street clothes..Wow they sure have changed...