Jobs that pay for nursing school

  1. I am a LPN nursing student in CT. I am not sure if they do this up north, but a lot of jobs will actually pay for you to further your education. Does anyone know about these type of programs?
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  3. by   Tweety
    welcome to Allnurses.

    The best place to ask this question is not "Introductions" but the Connecticutt forum. Hopefully someone will come along in the next day or two to answer. Good luck!
  4. by   fifi2323
    Unfortunately I dont know,however if this is true it would be awesome! I know from previous employers that they will pay to you to further your education only if it pertains to the field that you're currently in (i.e a bank paying for a finace degree) Either way let us know and good luck
  5. by   mandykal
    Your best bet to find this information is to ask employers.They can also direct you to the program. Lots of places do. One work place I know would have you pay for everything and when you pass or maintain a certain average then you can apply for reimbursement. Every workplace have their own policy.
  6. by   xenogenetic
    If you work for the State of CT they will reimburse you for most of the cost equivalent to 75% of the per credit fee charged by Uconn. And they have a program called 'career mobility' where they actually give you paid time off from work a couple days per week to attend classes. I work for the state and they ended up reimbursing me for my entire LPN program ($5,100.00), which was nice. Now I'm enrolled in Excelsior for my RN and they're willing to reimburse me for that as well. After that, I'm going to try to get my BSN as well. State jobs rule!
  7. by   dalma kinsey
    i am starting out new in the field an would like all the help i can get from anyone . thank you all for your concern
  8. by   real1143
    Thank you guys for all your feedback... I know about the state jobs but it is hard to get
  9. by   xenogenetic
    State jobs are easier than you think to get. Some branches all you need is a pulse and a nursing degree, no experience needed.
  10. by   tanner523
    You should absolutely check with your employer. Most hospitals offer tuition reimbursement, you go to school for nursing and they'll will pay a certain amount back for the cost of the class. I thing St. Raphael's pays 80%, I can't remember the exact amount. Some hospitals also enters into "contracts". You guarantee a hospital a certain amount of time (usually 2-3 years) and they will pay back your nursing loan or a bonus to compenate.
  11. by   helping1
    Alot of times Nursing homes or hospitals will pay for your education if you are already working for them as a STNA...if you don't have this you are able to test out after your first year in school (for LPN) Best thing to do is just call around and ask.
  12. by   NurseKeiKei
    As stated by many of the posters lots of jobs will reimburse you for coursework with a favorable grade (generally above a C). Bridgeport Hospital offers each student in the program guaranteed tuition if they sign (I believe) a 3 year contract. I currently work for the federal government and I am going through the process to have tuition paid for. You have to do your homework but there are more and more employers that are willing to pay for tuition.

    Good Luck

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