Goodwin College Nursing Seminar Notes

  1. I went to the nursing seminar at Goodwin for ASN and it almost seemed like a scam. You don't have to take your pre-recs with them, but you miss out on up to 11 of the 27 points need for competitive admission. Their courses are about $100 more per credit which means it would cost me a minimum of $1,100 extra just for the pre-recs I need compared to other CCs around. You are also only allowed one nursing class per semester, five semesters total. But each semester is only 6 credits. It seems like that is so slow.

    Other silly things:
    -You need Algebra 1 & 2 OR Math 125 (nursing math)- Statistics from other colleges transfers as Math 125, but does not count in your pre-recs. That doesn't even make sense!
    -You are "supposed" to have all your pre-recs and your "other" courses (english, psych, soc, etc) done before you start the nursing courses. That is a total of 47 credits before nursing. I could be at Goodwin until I die!

    I thought GC was going to be a good choice for me, but the steps to get in are seemingly ridiculous. The admissions officer is supposed to call today to follow up, but I don't think the outlook is going to be any brighter after our talk.
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  3. by   lr0012
    hello, i was there too. it's amazing how expensive this school is. each credit is $430.00. so the total of one class is ex: english 101 is 3 credits the total will be $1290.00 for one class not including books.

    that worst thing that i learned was the, you have to have a least 4 classes not credits but classes with them so you could be consider to be a potential nurse student.
    i myself finish all my pre-req. but i went to the seminar to see what they offer just in case i don't hear anything from other places that i have applied already. i spoke with one of the girl from the seminar and she told me, that i will have to take 4 classes in order to be considering their students. her words were as follow: " is a catch need to take those 4 classes for us to consider you" are you kidding me....that sad thing is that even if you take those classes there no community college in us or university will recognize those. i don't know how legal is that....but i’m sure that i am not paying for their new building...and fancy classrooms...stick with the cc from ct ...those are there because we pay taxes.
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  4. by   mattfd37
    I took two classes there, and what a joke this school is. They are private so they can do what they want. They accept 100% of the people that apply to the Nursing program.......... so long as you take a bunch of classes there!! That came straight from the seminar instructor in front of everyone and in his slides. its a joke. They were on probation 2yrs ago because too many people were failing the NCLEX so they increased their admission standards. But hey, someone needs to pay for that building! I have two degrees and they accepted very little even though the CC's did. Even the counselors seemed like car salesman. I guess you can also look at it as a huge tax write-off. You're better off with the CC's.
  5. by   SNgirl
    I everyone,
    I will be graduating from Goodwin's nursing program in 3 weeks!! I am a PROUD Goodwin Student! This school has prepared me for my soon to be career as a nurse, and has done nothing but support me throughout my studies. I am now applying for jobs as a new grad, and many nursing recruiters have said to me how much they loved Goodwin Grads because they are so prepared once they get out into the practice. Let me just comment on a few things. To Clarify, the pass rate was down about 3 years ago, when the program was beginning and they were working out the "kinks". Now, the last graduating class had a pass rate of 95%, which is one of the highest in the state. They effectively prepare you for the NCLEX because all of your finals and many of your exams throughout the program are through the National League for Nursing and are all computer based. The professors are absolutly amazing, and will go over and beyond for each and every student. They support you, and want you to pass and be successful. Now about the point system. It was designed so that students who have been academically successful would have no problem getting into the program. You get more points if you take the pre recs there, only b/c they want to take care of the students who have started there. Yes its more money than the Community Colleges. But, the CC have wait lists, so wouldnt it be more logical to just begin at goodwin and get right in when you want to?? Plus, you are paying for a top notch school and will be making a killer salary when you are done, so it pays off. About the class schedule, they suggest to take most of your pre rec before you begin nursing. The nursing classes you can only take one at a time because they build upon each other, and require a ton of studying, like ANY nursing program. It took my 3 years part time to do, which may seem like forever, but boy it flew by. I am now approaching graduation, and don't even want to leave that school!! They just started a RN-BSN program, which I am starting in the fall! I hope this info helps!!
  6. by   Adg74
    How many nursing courses are required to graduate? Can you post what a typical schedule of courses for Goodwin is, I haven't found anything on their website!
  7. by   SNgirl

    The actual nursing program is 5 semesters, which is a little less than two years. You have to take 5 science courses before you begin the first semester of nursing. It is suggested to take all of your pre recs before hand also, which I did along with my science courses. Then, once you are in the program, you can focus on your nursing courses. I am graduating in two weeks, and the program took me a little less than three years, part time, to complete. I did a lot of my pre recs online, which is offered at Goodwin. I'm a mom of two little kids, and felt that the program was very flexible for people who are balancing school and family life. Each nursing course increases on complexity and build upon each other. I had a very strong GPA and studied hard througout the program, averaging about 15-25 hrs a week of study time, along with one class day, and one clinical day. I didn't have work during the program, however, most of my friends in the program easily balanced work and school.
    I would suggest going to the nursing seminar they hold at the college. This will allow you to find out first hand the info you need. It is an amazing program, and I feel very prepared to begin my career as a nurse!! However, like with any nursing degree, it is a lot of work and demands a lot of time. But, if you have a dream of becoming a nurse, and want it bad enough, you can make it work!! Let me know if you have any other questions!!
  8. by   Adg74
    SN girl,
    Thank you for the quick response! I also have two young children, trying to balance nursing school and homelife! I think I will go to one of the info sessions, I didn't know that they had courses online! I just signed up for the summer session at Gateway to get my prereq's out of the way. Do you know if they will look at transfer credits in the info session or do you have to make a one on one appt?
  9. by   gwstudent
    Dear Adg 74,
    I took my most of my classes with the exception of my sciences at MCC and they took all my credits even my gen bio from spring of 2000. You have to get an official transcrpit from your previous schools and apply before you know if they accept them. But they only take your application fee after you sign up for classes. So you will have an idea if they will accept your classes before paying for classes. Hope this helps.
  10. by   cayenne06
    SNgirl, you sound like an advertisement! Everything you are saying is pretty much exactly what they tell us in orientation. I am at Goodwin, and while I like the nursing program I am pretty disappointed with every other aspect of the school.
  11. by   ready2getoutofCT
    I just had a question for you, ive gone to goodwin before a couple years ago but it seems to have changed since then....since youve gone to a recent seminar can you tell me how often they do enrollment into the nursing program? is it 3 times a year or just 2? i cant call because of holiday break and im trying to figure out things bc i had last minute changes to my life plan!
  12. by   GoodwinRN
    Enrollment is 3 times a year.