Good pay for starting LPN

  1. I am trying to see what LTC units in what areas pay the most for new graduates. I just met someone who graduated and said she is starting off with $19/ hour in Waterbury. I know you can make a lot of money with the state. BUt besides that what LTCs have good starting pay rates?
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  3. by   bethinct
    I threw out last Sunday's classified of the Connecticut Post. There was a LTC in Ansonia looking for FT lpn's complete w/benefits. Payscale 22-35 per hour depending on expererience. I believe there was a pay differential for nights and weekends.
    Connecticut Post has online classifieds and salaries are mentioned often.
  4. by   smokeyoaks82358
    Starting pay where I am, LTC/Short-Term Rehab, for an LPN is $25 per hour. Nice place to work and there's always overtime.
  5. by   real1143
    SmokeyOaks...I seen your other posting..I was wondering what town you work in?
  6. by   RXCT
    Masonicare has big $$$$ for most new LPN w/ good grades and high GPA; but, even better bene's.
  7. by   real1143
    Thank you RXCT, I heard the pay is well at Masonicare, but around my school they say that Masonicare will overexhaust you.
  8. by   xenogenetic
    I heard the same thing about Masonicare. A woman that I graduated LPN school with worked there right after school and had to quit after a few months because they just assign way too many patients to you. Pay was great...but as the old saying goes, "they don't pay you for nothing...there's a reason the pay's that high".
  9. by   RXCT
    Just to let you know ahead of time that so there isn't a surprise. On long term care (at Masonicare) you have 30 +/- patients. I worked LTC on a holiday to fill in and it's very busy but, most all patients are stable. Your med pass is heavy but once you know your patients/meds etc. it flows much better. The place is super clean and that means a whole lot to me. Also, other LTC facilities are going to give you 30 patients as well and don't let anyone fool you. I believe the closest LTC facility that only has fewer ratio's is in Essex (20 patients). You get the system down good after a few weeks and then your more comfortable.
  10. by   smokeyoaks82358
    Where I work in LTC I have 20 patients on my side. And that's how it is on the 2 short-term rehab. floors. Not bad! I would not want 30 patients to pass meds to, do treatments, doctor's orders, etc. I would be overwhelmed and feel that I was not safe in providing the care and attention my patients need. Have a great rest of your weekend.
  11. by   CT Pixie
    I just saw an add in the Connecticut Post for a LTC thats paying $22-32.25 per hour (depending on exp). One would assume the lower $22 would be a new LPN.
  12. by   mproxbury23
    Any one know of any good agencies to go to in Conneticutt? Preferably that staff near the bridgeport area? Or even a regular LTC that pays decent?
  13. by   CT Pixie
    Try they had a ton of openings for LPN's in all types of settings from agency, dr office, schools, ltc etc

    Or check The Connecticut Post classifieds online. they had some also.

    I do know that a LTC, Hilltop Healthcare, in Ansonia had openings for LPN's from $22-32.50 depending on experience. I have no knowledge of this LTC meaning I don't know anyone who works there or has worked there.
  14. by   xenogenetic
    Quote from mproxbury23
    Any one know of any good agencies to go to in Conneticutt? Preferably that staff near the bridgeport area? Or even a regular LTC that pays decent?

    Try the Stamford office of Maxim Staffing:

    You can also try the Orange office of MSN:

    To find the phone numbers of each go to the above websites and click on the "locations" link or "find area office" link.

    Good luck.