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Good morning! I am a current LPN working on pre-requisites for application to the CCC-NP for Fall 2013! I'm taking most of my courses at Holyoke Community College and hope to transfer to... Read More

  1. by   HelenaHandbasket

    My A&P II requirement is listed as "MET 3/11/13". Of course, I'm going to assume that they mean they know I am currently taking it and that's ok because I haven't completed it with a C+ or better.

    I take some comfort in knowing that if they know I am enrolled in my A&PII course that they received my transcript and that other requirements will be checked off soon. Maybe. I think. I hope.

    As a side note, I took my first A&PII lecture exam today. The good news is that I got the highest grade in the class! The bad news is that it was an 87%. I got the highest grade, the lowest was a 44 and the average was a 69. I took exception to 3 points she took off of one of my essay questions but she doesn't let us keep our exams so I wasn't able to address it with her today. I'm doing better this semester with her than last semester with her but having her as a professor is proving more an emotional intelligence challenge than a knowledge challenge. As students we assume that if we study hard we will get good grades, forgetting the human factor. We will encounter professors, hospital staff in clinicals and eventually patients for who nothing we do will seem right even when we DO everything right. One grade from one professor does not define the sum of my parts. Serenity now!
  2. by   HelenaHandbasket
    YES!!! My transcripts are showing up as MET on 1/23 and 1/30 so that means they have ALL my pre-reqs even if they aren't posted yet. The only thing not listed as MET is my high school transcript which I'm sure is there. That makes me feel SOOOO much better!!!!!
  3. by   motosteph
    yay, congrats!
  4. by   NurseWannaBe86
    Hi Guys! This week, all of you who are "ineligible" and those of you who forgot to submit any documents, will receive their "ineligible letters." if you don't get anything in the next week or two, you're off to the next round, either ACCEPTED OR WAITLISTED! Good luck!

    and btw...3.6 GPA at NVCC sounds about quite right..most of my students in my biology classes had GPAs of 3.8 and higher! It is very competitive, but don't forget, you can also get in through the lottery! And yes, the GPA is very important, as it counts 50% of the acceptance! Good luck to all of you! let me know if you have any questions! I'm in my second Nursing semester at NVCC.
  5. by   HelenaHandbasket
    Ok. So now is the time when we all begin to question our sanity and go a little bat shat crazy, right?!?

    I try to check commnet everyday to see if anything has changed. Well, first of all, all of my requirements have been met!!! Yay!! I am SO flipping happy I could scream!!!! AND I have an A- in APII at midterm. With the Professor I have, it makes me REALLY happy!

    Then I realize that they will NOT be sending acceptance letters. There is an update on the commnet homepage that mentions it. It would appear we have to download all of the paperwork ourselves from the site. There are links there. We will have a tab under Student Records where we can click to view our acceptance. Waitlists will still get a letter via snail mail. I'm wondering if that means we may find out sooner?!?!

    I typically poke around my commnet account to see what all the links do etc. I looked and saw that CCC has 162 seats for NUR101. I checked out the "transcript" link, which I knew I wouldn't have because I haven't gone to CCC yet as I'd be transferring. For Spring 2013 it has me listed as a "non-matriculating/non-degree" student. Which is accurate since I only have a general application for CCC on file and am attending at HCC right now.

    For Fall 2013 it lists my current program as "Associate in Science". So it's been changed from "non-matriculating/non-degree" to "Associate of Science". It still has me listed as majoring in General Studies which I would expect until I register a major (in nursing hopefully!!)

    Even my General Student Record has my Curriculum Information as Associate in Science with an Admit Term of Fall 2013. Go ahead, tell me I am reading WAY too into this. I printed out the pages and got a little emotional about it. My dogs think I'm weird but they and you guys are the only ones who know how far off the deep end I've gone!!
  6. by   NurseWannaBe86
    haha how cute you are, helenahandbasket! I know how you feel, I went crazy last year as well! turned out my school did a mistake with my transcript, so I got the "ineligible" letter. I "forced" them to fix it, so I got back into the ranking....everybody got their acceptance letter the same day, except for me, and the following day I received mine. I was so happy I couldn't even scream!
    I sent mass messages to friends and family

    I know that last year somebody said there was a trick to see it sooner whether you're accepted or not. the way they did it was that they clicked on the tax year link, I believe. can't remember 100% anymore. but try also clicking on this one. I never saw my results, I guess bc I got so much drama with my transcript, but many people could see that they were wiatlisted/accepted days before the letters went out...keep me posted
    what are your stats again?
  7. by   ORnurseCT
    Nothing is decided until after April 1st because that is the deadline for re-admit/transfers. After they know how many seats each school has, they can plug students in.
  8. by   NurseWannaBe86
    hey studentnurseCT. are you excited to graduate pretty soon? I'm so excited for you
    did you have to spend a lot of money on books in the senior year fall/spring?
    and how is it having 2 patients instead of one to take care of? thanks.
  9. by   HelenaHandbasket
    My stats aren't super-fabulous. My overall GPA is 3.64. I received an 89 on my TEAS-V. The first time I took it cold-turkey. I didn't have enough time to take it again. I received a B- in A&P I. Professors make all the difference. See my post about my "highest grade in the class on the exam being an 87%" post. I have an A- right now in her A&PII course. I figured taking her for lecture AND lab might make a difference. It stinks being the top performer in the class and still only getting an A-. I'll take it though! I'm also an LPN so hopefully they will consider me for the bridge. There are 140 seats in NUR201 so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!
  10. by   ORnurseCT
    Excited but nervous. I've had 2 pts since after spring break in 102. 3-4 pts last two semesters.
    I hope you all get acceptance letters around April 8th!! If I hear anything out of our nursing office I'll post it.
  11. by   toonsis
    Studentnurse what do you mean by 3-4 points? Thanks
  12. by   CT Pixie
    I think pts is patients, not points.
  13. by   HelenaHandbasket
    3-4 pts is a lot for a student. I'm surprised. In the beginning of my last semester of LPN school it was rare for anyone to get 2 pts on an assignment. Towards the end it was routine to have the top students take 2 pts and rare that they would get 3 pts. That was on a Med-Surg floor though. We were constantly leaving the unit to go to testing or surgery with our patients so juggling 2 was difficult and managing 3 was a real challenge. Realistically, I love it when my patients are off the unit! It gives me a chance to get caught up and check in with my more stable patients. Thank goodness we don't have to go with them everywhere they go!!!!