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  1. Hello,
    I just got accepted to the Gateway Nursing Program, beginning Fall 09. I'd like to speak to someone who has experience with program. I have questions! like... is it possible to hold down a job while in this program?
    What is a "typical" week like? They say nights and weekends- What does that really mean?
    I look forward to hearing from you and thanks.
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  3. by   SVJordan
    I would also be interested to know about this. I'm not able to begin the program until Fall '10, so I have a year of pre-reqs and general ed courses to get through. I'm worried though as to how much of one's time the program takes up.

    BTW, my first post!
  4. by   CGB1
    I have the same questions. I was told that if I had all the Co Requisites done, then it is possible to work no more than 24 hours a week, though I would love to here about the experiences of those who have or are going through this now. Thanks.
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  5. by   akwill
    Did you learn anything about the actual schedule? Are classes M-F 4-10:00 PM? How about weekends?
    If there is anyone out there with experience in this program, we'd appreciate some information. Thx
  6. by   jrinct
    You can get a sense of the fall schedule if you search for courses here: You don't need an ID or password because the course search is a public resource. For Nursing 101 at Gateway this fall, it looks like lecture is Monday and Thursday from 4-5:55pm, and then clinical (or lab?) is Tuesday and Wednesday for 6-and-a-half hours. There seems to be a choice of time slots for that -- morning, afternoon or evening.
  7. by   Rohan8
    There are so many different nursing programs at GWCC that it is almost impossible to comment to weather or not you could hold down a job while working here.

    If you have an LPN registry is a good way to go while you are in school.

    I graduated from GWCC and I know that there were people who held full time jobs, had kids and successfully completed fast track programs. This did put a lot of stress on their personal relationships.

    I worked part time while attending GWCC. Here is a tip for you. If you have Beth Walker make sure you do the reading. Almost all of the test questions come from the reading.

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