Dilemma: Accepted to BHSN and GWCC (Gateway Community College)

  1. I have a bit of a dilemma.. I was accepted to both BHSN (Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing) and GWCC (Gateway Community College) for their nursing programs. Before I was accepted to either I was leaning towards BHSN, but now that I've been accepted to both I'm a little up in the air.

    Here's my situation..
    -I live in the New Haven area so obviously Gateway's program would be closer (and we all know how bad traffic can be in the a.m. on I-95).
    -Gateway is also less expensive (roughly $7,000, compared to BHSN's $14,000).
    -BHSN is only a certificate, but Gateway is an associate's, however I already have my associate's from Gateway (in general studies).
    -I've always been told that BHSN has one of the best programs & highest passing rate on the NCLEX (however recently I was told this is true because they weed out so many people, therefore they have a high passing rate), and up until recently I've heard not-so-good things about Gateway's program.
    -Gateway only has an evening program, and at Bridgeport I applied for the day program (and I am definitely more of a night person).
    -At BHSN I was accpeted for fall '09, but at Gateway I was accepted for spring '10 (which isn't that big of a deal because I could just work my butt off until the spring semester, and I can also request to be bumped to the fall IF they have any openings).

    I just want to make sure where ever I decide to go I get the best education possible to help me for the NCLEX. I was hoping maybe some students that are either in, or have completed the programs at either school could give me some insight to which they think is the better choice for me (or just anyone who has an opinion!) Oh, and another thing, I have until May 1st to get my letter back to Gateway accepting my spot (Yeah that's like a little over a week away, so I'm really biting my nails at this point!)

    Thank you to anyone that can help me out!!
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  3. by   soontobe2011
    Hey there! I'm in the same boat but for BHSN and NCC, living in Stratford. I would send the letter back to Gateway to buy you some more time, you can always withdraw later and they will just give your seat to someone else.

    I am going to wait for my financial aid letter, then decide. I have heard good about both. Good Luck, maybe I"ll be seeing you.
  4. by   AlteMed
    Both of you! Stay away from Gateway Technical College. I am in there 3rd semester. Most teachers are horrible! They don't teach but read powerpoints, the ones that you can print at home and read for yourself. I pay for my classes and waste time at school learning everything by myself at home. They weed out students like crazy and boast high % on NCLEX pass. Arrogant, never give you a credit for proving them wrong-they are always right! They also have master's degree's and when write make unforgivable spelling mistakes. I know so many students who failed classes and have NO desire to continue nursing in that school, at least until the teachers get replaced. Teachers there need to be reeducated (nursing instructors). I have a class where you have to read 3 diferent books, + powerpoint and take lecture notes, you come to the test or exam and you know MOST of these questions are not from the material you read! That's why so many students fail. If you go to the dean as many did (a whole class did I was told by a friend), he would just listen to you and do NOTHING! That's how horrible nursing program at GTC is! Teachers protect each other, and blame students for working too much, having a big family, spending not enough time studying, etc for failures. There are several ridiculous rules/education strategies they employ not worth mentioning here. Some of them treat you as a kid or inferior to them just becuase they have master's degree and spell wrong, and don't explain the rationale behind abdominal cramping or nausea or why you should be checking for lung sounds when infusing NCl 3% etc. They just don't know how to teach! It's a self-taught nursing program with high flunking rates and no support whatsoever! Some teachers lift you up and prod and push you forward and offer help without asking, and explain, and draw diagrams, boost you self-esteem level during class and boast you==that's how you get your strength and get encouraged to study harder and know more! At Gateway Technical College -- there is no such thing! Stay far away!
  5. by   mattfd37
    we were told last night that they have a 98.3% passing rate. They say they want to help you on every test and quiz and give you plenty of resources to do that. Are they lying? No one failed out last semester. How many have failed out of your class? My friend at NVCC has lost 30 so far out of 130. Are you under the new community college cirriculum or the old? When the instructors don't give rationales for things do people keep asking until its answered or no? Which class has the 3 books? I was impressed by the orientation but now.... please explain a little about the strategies that are ridiculous just curious if they're the same they said last night.
  6. by   AlteMed
    Hi Matt..,
    Sorry, my reply got routed to a different college. The one I discussed is GTC (Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, WI).
  7. by   SwampCat
    So since this is months later, which did you choose and why and are you happy with that decision so far?
  8. by   tfsc1958
    I don't know much about Gateway, but BHSN is fantastic. You see patients the first week of school.
    Good luck with your decision.
  9. by   HighlyBlessedRN
    I would like a comparison between BHSN and NCC please!!