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  1. Are there any recent grads or students currently in one of the three nursing anesthesia schools here in connecticut? I really am serious about devoting my nursing career to this specialty and I just wanted to know how brutal is the course of study, what type of candidate is a good candidate (do I need a 4.0 gpa in all nursing courses), and did you have a long waiting period in order to start? sorry for the run on sentences, it's just that I finally will be graduating in less than eight weeks, secured a job in one of the ICU's , and really so excited to finally begin being a NURSE!!!Ok...thanks for the responses! Hope to hear from someone.
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    I have a friend's daughter who is in the CRNA program at New Britain General Hospital. It was very competitive to get int (she worked there as a staff nurse) and the last time I saw her she was enjoying it but it was VERY difficult! You are just graduating. get some good critical care experience under your belt first adn then look into anesthesia school. It is overwhelming wnough being a new grad without adding anesthesia school into the mix at this point. Good luck wiht your new career. I hope you love it as much as I do.
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    Thanks for the response Bets! I don't doubt these next two years in the ICU will be both stressful and challenging but having something to look forward to and push myself toward will help me to endure. The staff on the unit I accepted the position on seems very supportive and I look forward to it. Thanks again for your response...only six more weeks!!!!
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    Pokey SN did you ever get into any of the CRNA programs in CT and if so was it very hard to get in?

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