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  1. by   soontobe2011
    HI there! I'll be starting BHSN in CT on Sept 8......
  2. by   bubbyb
    I work at Norwalk Hospital. Pay is good. Unionized for Nurses. Just started 7 months ago. I like it. Especially because we do self scheduling. Pay is good. I like acute care. I was a Certified Medical Assistant for 5 years, then LPN for 5 years, now RN for 2 years. I am a graduate of Excelsior College '06. Excelsior College is an awesome school. I am starting on my BSN to MSN program with them now. I am excited. Always remember Excelsior students who are reading this post, you can accomplish it! Once you accomplish your RN, you will see the difference in your pay
    God Bless You all!
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  3. by   MrsNagle
    Hi! I'm Kari. I just graduated from Capital's ASN program this past May.
    I accepted an RN position (while in school) at Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford (long-term acute care hospital), to start at the beginning of August.
    I just took the NCLEX this morning and am very hopeful! I can't wait to officially be a nurse!
  4. by   anny22
    Hi every one, am anny. December grad RN,BS. No speciallity/employment yet, interested in Nuero,HIV/AIDS,onocology and mental health.Excited about Nursing!!
  5. by   jaysmom
    Coral from Mashantucket, CT (Foxwoods casino area), newly licensed LPN working in a late stage Alzheimer's unit in the LTC setting. Going on for my RN slowly but surely starting in the fall of 2010!
  6. by   goodstudentnowRN
    I need a job. If anyone knows anywhere I can get a job as a NeW RN..please send me a message.
  7. by   CT Pixie
    Quote from goodstudentnowRN
    I need a job. If anyone knows anywhere I can get a job as a NeW RN..please send me a message.
    A bit more specific info might help get more answers. Where in CT are you? How far are you willing to travel. How "new" are you?
  8. by   jetson

    hello out there (out there out there out ther out the out th out...that is an ECHO!) If there IS anyone out there, I'm an RN with a couple years home care experience, been here in New Haven, working home care in Bridgeport for about a year...It looks like this CT move will "stick" after all. Wasn't quite sure when we first got here - getting work was not easy. That was Last summer though; looking for newer, better work at the moment. Would Love to get in a facility and out of home care for a while...any ideas? In any case Hello Out There (insert echo here?) --Johnnie
  9. by   goodstudentnowRN
    Hey, I am diane and I am looking a job as a new grad...please send me a message if you know of an opening. I am suffering and I really need help!
  10. by   CarrieRNC
    Not quite sure where you are but I know that HH has several job openings posted for experienced and not so experienced nurses. Great place to work, good benefits and moving forward in the electronic charting world
  11. by   janetreimundi
    Hey Bilingual Puertorrican nurse, hometown: Stamford, CT and I'm currently living in Orlando, FL and I really miss Stamford and hopefully could move back very soon, if my RN license ever gets thru.
  12. by   AudyLynnRN
    Hi! I'm Audrey. I live in SE CT and currently work as a health consultant at a daycare. I'm heading back to school in the fall to UCONN's RN-MS program.
  13. by   NursieNurseLPN
    Hi I'm Jenn! Im a new LPN looking for employment in long term care/ rehab. Any advice?

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