Anyone get accepted into their choice of nursing school for the fall 2012?

  1. Hey everyone! Im very curious to see if anyone has gotten any acceptance letters from their choice of nursing program to start for FALL 2012! I've applied to NVCC, BHSN, and St. Vincents.

    So far I've gotten an acceptance letter from st. vincents!

    I'm still very anxious and checking the mail everyday to hear back from BHSN and NVCC. For the communtiy colleges we prolly won't hear back until around March. But I heard they are sending out letters from BHSN.

    Hope everyone gets into their school of choice! Please feel free to post if you gotten into any schools!
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  3. by   SwampCat
    I'm still waiting to hear from UConn. Fingers Crossed! Congrats on getting accepted to St. V's!
  4. by   mssjez
    The Comm College programs wont be sending out acceptance letters for another month or so... Good luck!
  5. by   CNAnursingstudent
    Good luck! I know it's so nerve racking waiting to hear back, esp from the CCC's cause they take forever
  6. by   saramisu
    havent heard from ccc's. driving me crazy!
  7. by   mssjez
    same here! it's driving me crazy too!! only 3 more weeks!!!
  8. by   CNAnursingstudent
    Hey guys! I got in to NVCC! Jumping for joy! I got my acceptance letter yesterday!
  9. by   mssjez
    I got into Capital for the fall!!! Yay!
  10. by   CJ223
    Yes I got into my first choice, NWCC. Yay!
  11. by   CNAnursingstudent
    Yay congrats guys!
  12. by   ksogliero
    I was accepted for fall 2012 at TRCC!