Advice about getting LPN in CT, PLEASE!!

  1. Hi there!! I was looking up the possibilities of getting an LPN in CT. My options seem to boil down to this:
    • Go to a Private technical college, and spend $22,000-$30,000.
    • Avoid NETI (now called Lincoln Technical??) like the plague- what a lot of horrible things I read about it, here!
    • Go to a state-run course, for about $3,800 or so.
    Of course, when I called a number given on one of the sites to find out about the entrance examinations, I found out that there would be no new classes until August of 2008 (1.3 years away?!?!?!!!) and that I couldn't even find out anything about the tests until September of 2007, and to call back then! HUH?????

    So, I have a few questions for you clever, experienced, kind folk.

    If I do the PRIVATE technical college route, which ones can you recommend? I live in NW CT, near the Avon area, and I'm not too keen on driving over an hour just to get to classes.

    Either way, what can I do to prepare myself for this entrance exam? What is it? What classes can I take? I'm about 20 years away from my last high school classes, and college is but a fuzzy memory.

    Is there any way to get the entrance examination done sooner?

    How do I work it so that I don't take 3-1/2 years for a 2 year certificate?? What is this craziness??

    [banana]What do you guys suggest? Thanks!![/banana]
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  3. by   DarciaMoonz
    There is a book call the NET, called so because that is the test you will take if you go to a state school. My best recommendation for books to study from for the entrance exam would be to just get a GED book. There is math and reading comp. on the test. The math consist usually of fractions, basic algebra, multiplication, adding, and subtracting, decimals. The reading comp. requires you to read some paragraghs and pick out the main idea and all that jazz. When I first started out on my journey to go back to school, I took the NET test for the state school, and failed by one point, then I decided to go to private (NETI/Licoln Tech). I got in faster, but I didn't complete the course, soooooo now I have to pay off loans because a grant didn't cover it. I did end up going to a state school and as far as learning goes I guess it was about the same. The nice thing about the state school is, your out in the summer, versus a private school where you go all year round until the curriculum is completed. State school, if you had to come up with money to put towards your tuition, it wouldn't kill you like a private school. I would just shop around until you find a private school that you like, or just prepare in the mean time for the test for state school. Good luck and kudos to you for wanting to go on
  4. by   Lilorfnannie
    I don't think there's any way I'm going to be paying for the private technical college, it's just way too crazy expensive.

    I'm thinking I may as well try and take basic courses now, and see what I can get out of the way before I take that exam. At this rate, maybe I ought to go for the RN! Good grief!

    P.S., I'm sorry for your troubles with still having to pay off the loan. OUCH!!
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  5. by   Lilorfnannie
    Now I'm looking at Godwin Technical school in New Britain for it's LPN program, versus Prince Technical School in Hartford. Does anybody know anything about these schools & their programs, please?
  6. by   taigee
    Hi. I am in the exact same situation. I don't know which is the best school. I don't want to drive too far. Private is very expensive but probably easier to get into. It's been a very long time since high school so i am scared of a college route. I think the state program is the best for me but I read on this site that there is a long waiting list if you even get accepted. It's a long wait for the next class!

    Ididn't see Goodwin or Prince. Where did you find schools? What did you hear about Lincoln? I am inquiring at Porter and Chester now. Does anyone have info. on them? Thanks for any help. I need to move ahead at this point in my life.
  7. by   R0xyg4l
    If you're going for your LPN I would highly suggest one of the states technical schools. A girl I knew that went to Norwich Tech said they started out with 42 students and ended up with 41 graduating. I personally got in on the first time but was on the waiting list and found out like 3 days before the program started. So I ended up going with Lincoln Tech which is the worst decision I've ever made. The statewide technical schools are very inexpensive!! Best of luck with whatever decision you make!
  8. by   R0xyg4l is the link in case you wanted more info!
  9. by   taigee
    Thanks so much. I have read all day, all the messages from this site. I have
    heard alot about not going to Lincoln, but not much re: Porter and Chester. I suppose it could be similar. I liked it much better than Stone when I was looking to do medical assisting. I have decided to study and test for the state tech.schools. As much as I would love to start sooner than later;I just can not afford the private schools! I have waited this long to attempt nursing, so I can wait a little longer. I am going to call about the program and test now.
  10. by   R0xyg4l
    Just to give you a heads up on how they did the entry for state tech schools (at least the way they did it in 2005)... you earned a certain amount of points on entrance exam and a certain amount of points on the interview. They total both points up and then those with the highest scores gets in. I believe they must allow about 40 people per class. When I went there were about 120 people trying for the 40 seats. I was placed #3 on the waiting list and was told a week before the program started that I got in... too short of notice for me Good luck! There is a book you can get I believe that will help you study for the test that you can order when you sign up for a test date! I hope all goes well!
  11. by   taigee
    I called the testing line and they said to call back Sept. 07' ! I appreciate all your help.
  12. by   kukukajoo
    if it is the NLN you need to take, you can take it in NYC. Check the NLN website for their schedule. Best of luck!
  13. by   taigee
    I ended up scheduling my NET. The state program changed their pre-requisites, so I didn't have time to get them in before the application deadline! I can't believe it! So many people had no idea and couldn't apply either. Now I am planning on checking out Porter and Chester. Any info. on them would be appreciated.

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