Someone has conjuctivitis on a weekend, starts Saturday around 0300, eye is red, irritated, yellowish drainage, looks clear but dries yellowish. Prior to this for about a week, had a "cold", sore throat, cough, coughing up small amounts yellowish mucus, looked greenish a couple of times. Sore throat and other symptoms resolving. Ear feels full and tender also when burps.

Since unknown whether is viral or bacterial, should person go to ER or wait until Sunday am and try to get into a doc in the box, or wait until Monday am and call PCP's office.

When waking up at 0300 couldn't see clearly, but got up and cleaned eye and then could see okay.

Vision seems to be okay.

Hadn't really felt feverish throughout. Temp this am 99.2, this afternoon felt warm, temp was 100.2 then later was 98.8.

Did a search, says usually not serious, viral sometimes not treated, bacterial treated with antibiotics.

Unsure what to do, if any vision change or temp., would suggest going to ER, but who wants to wait until vision affected?

Any thoughts?

P.S. Just tried to call doc in the box and play round robin with a recording, never get to hours so they may not even be open on Sunday.


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Problem resolved. PA on call for the doc called, and is ordering eye gtts and abx, calling them in to the pharmacy. Very nice PA who works with the doc.

Some docs, as you know, won't call patients back, have had that experience before.

Due to previous eye problems and surgery and concern for the vision, that is very much appreciated.

Just didn't know what to do!

This probably sounded like a very stupid question but just didn't know what to do!

What a relief!

If any change in vision, PA will see about seeing someone else.

There are some good people out there!


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Nothing really to do about conjunctivitis because it is usually viral and will resolve on it's own, you can use the gtts but they probably won't help much. I used to work for an ophthalmologist and we saw it all the time, just make sure you wash your hands ALOT and don't share towels/wash cloths with anyone. Hope your better soon. :p


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I was concerned in case it was bacterial and wasn't treated.

Nasty stuff, isn't it?

Thanks for the reply! :)


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I have the same question, but regarding a 7 month old infant. Is bacterial conjunctivitis (green-yellow discharge in both eyes) considered urgent? Can the mom wait a couple days to see the doc?


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You're welcome!

Hope both patients get cured PDQ!


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Thanks for the link, that is interesting information.

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With the 7mo old, it could also be blocked tear ducts, not pink-eye.

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