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Hi all

i have been nursing in clinical and non clinical areas for ten years. I’ve been at my current position for under 3 /12, quite clinical and a new discipline. Recently I requested a meeting with the boss asking how I was going. She told me I was under performing, is going to support me and both of us developed ideas. I contacted the counselling who said this is a chance for me to relearn. I can see lots of positives.


part of me wonders if I’m being bullied out of the job. I don’t think the Edu. Likes me much. There is a big click on the ward which I’m not apart of. I don’t play the game but thinking I’m going to have to.  

Im so confused and don’t know what to think.

has anyone else been through this and can offer me advice.

i really like where I work and want to stay.



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What caused you to request the meeting? Did it seem like things weren't going too well, or were you just curious or what?

It doesn't sound like her assessment comes as much of a surprise to you or that you necessarily disagree with it (you didn't convey disagreement here, anyway 🙂) - so then it doesn't completely make sense to jump to the idea that you are simply being bullied.

Have you been disciplined regarding your performance or put on an improvement plan previously?

What kind of game is it that you don't play? There are games, and then there are things like proactively seeking to progress in the new specialty, seeking educational opportunities, seeking to give good care, and seeking to have positive working relationships - - which are not games but necessary professional activities.


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