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Don't look at it as going backwards. Look at it as taking another route to get where you want to be. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball and knocks us off our feet. We just have to be resilient enough to get back up and figure out what we want. If you really want to be a nurse, go ahead and do the ADN program. After you successfully complete that, then you can reapply to a BSN program (be it the next semester, or a year or two from now). It sounds as though you don't want to relocate or do a lot of traveling. From what I have heard, many BSN programs offer transition programs from ADN to BSN that are much more tolerant of "family life". Good luck in whatever you decide. But, do what you really want to do.

OOOH please don't give up....the advice to find another route is doesn't matter how we get here, how long it takes,how early or late in life we start...etc what's NIKE say...Just do it! You can and will...Best of luck

Please do not give up because of what happened. You can still fulfill your dream. I have a friend in a BSN program and after 6 semesters, she repeated the 6th semester twice and had to leave the program, she went to a community college program and is doing well.

When I read your posting I thought of the country song that has the lyrics "'s not a stumbling block, it's just a stepping stone..."

Please think of it this way. Good Luck.NA

Personally, I would want the BSN. But as you said, the other colleges are too far. It's just that a BSN will give you the chance to do other things, such as a Masters, etc. As one post said, you can always go for your BSN later though if the commute is that bad. Our profession is pushing for BSN nurses right now so get it while you can. Just my advice....the true decision is in your heart.

Hello everyone

I need some advice badly. I am currentlyenrolled in a bachelor program for nursing but did terrible in 2 courses and was dismissed from the program. I am so devasted. While I do somewhat blame myself I had one terrible teacher for both courses. I appealed the schools decison but they were in favor of the professor. I am devasted because I really want to be a nurse. I am 21 yrs. old. I was thinking about going back to a community college and getting my associates but i don't know if that is the right move. All other colleges are far from me and the community college is close to me. Plus I spoke with the chair person of the nursing department at the community college and she said that i can start there and graduate next year...but i feel like i am moving backwards. I am confused because i don't know if i should go to the associates program after i was already trying to get my that stupid? Please help...and give me any advice possible...and be honest....thanxs frown.gif

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