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Confused about many things..

by lilly1234 lilly1234 (New) New

Here Is my story I am from Michigan and have a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I am thinking on going back to school for nursing and done research on the 2nd degree accelerated programs.

Then I looked into the university of detroit mercy but the cost is soo high. but is the closest for me. I dont know if anyone has done the accelerated programs at pther schools and has advice about what they thought of the program.

I still have to take a bunch of pre-reques as Anatomy and Physiology and some Chemistry classes. And everytime I go to register for the classes they are full on the first day.

Is it even worth going back? - I need advice.:banghead:

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Since you are asking about a specific school. I'm going to move this to the Michigan forum so you can hone in on some locals who might see your post there.

Good luck.

I have a Bachelor's of Science degree. When I decided to go into nursing I assumed the 2nd degree programs would be where I'd end up. But after looking into all my options I ended up at a community college program with their $65/credit hours.

If you don't need to take pre-reqs to get in to a 2nd degree program go there, otherwise consider MCC, OCC, and the other community colleges. At that time the 2nd degree schools (Wayne, Oakland) gave preference to applicants who completed pre-reqs at their schools. Because my undergrad GPA in anatomy, physiology, and micro was below a 3.0 I would have to take those pre-reqs again to be competitive. At $200 something dollars a credit hour that gets expensive real quick. It was cheaper for me to take 12 credit hours of pre-reqs at MCC and then go through their program. The difference in pay between an RN and a BSN is usually only $1/hour and their are lots of RN to BSN programs out there that hospitals will pay for when you are done.

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It is worth going back. Don't give up. There are grants and scholarships out there to help you pay. Once you find a school you like, the advisors can let you know the best way to get the classes you want. At my school, they do it via internet to get the best prereq classes. Once you're in the nursing program, you choose thru a lottery system.

My advice, is to not overlook the community colleges. A degree there will also make you eligible to get your RN thru the state. Then, hopefully, the hospital you work at will pay for your bachelors. I too have a bachelors in another field, but chose this route due to cost and I was still able to get a scholarship to help out with things.

Henry Ford and Schoolcraft College are both good. Wayne State Univ. also has a program for those with a bachelors but I believe there are some stick areas - like your prereqs must be thru them and GPAs are very competitive.

Good luck. It's worth going for.

Do it lilly, I have friends in the nursing program who have a bachelors in psychology and another who has a masters in social work. They are in the HFCC accelerated program with me. They spoke with an admissions advisor pertaining to the classes they would need and went for it. If I were you and didn't have to take pre req's I wouldn't, but you need to be persistent, aggressive and early when it comes to registration for these second degree programs. If it's been a while since you've been back to school you may want to take a few classes. Look into schools like Wayne state, Oakland University, Baker, Davenport, and of course the CC's they're much cheaper than U of D but you've got to be an early bird. Don't Give up.

I am in the same boat so I totally understand. I was on the fence for a while, but I realized I am far more interested in nursing than the subject I have my Bachelors in. I figured now is as good of time as any. I was torn between a 2nd degree program or just an Associates program at a community college. I decided to go the community college route because I am already in enough debt from my bachelors degree, and I will be an RN either way. I plan to do a RN to BSN program once I have a good job, and since I have so many classes universities require for a Bachelors, the BSN program probably won't take very long.

Anyway good luck in whatever you decide!

in my opinion, accelerated second degree might be better for you. there are long waiting list to get into community college, and rn program takes 2 years to complete. the second degree takes only one year, you will be done with bsn in one year and i think its easier to get into the program. if you choose rn to bsn program, its going to take you total of 3 years to complete. i think ou accepts student to the second bsn program like 4 times a year and since it is not a private college, tuition is reasonable. and i think there are many scholarships avaliable to nursing programs, so you might look into that.

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