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Confused about chamberlain's accreditation

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Confused regarding if chamberlain's fnp program is accredited for all job locations. Is it true that with a degree here only some states would accept it ? I sent in my application yesterday but am very nervous about starting an online program. I've never heard of chamberlain and am worried regarding the programs reputation and quality. Is this a university of Phoenix type school ? I'm interested in their fnp program but am slightly worried about this school ? Any thoughts or advice related to the quality of their fnp program ?


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Hello there!

I am currently in the FNP program at Chamberlain and so far it's a great but challenging experience! Let me answer your first question about accreditation...Chamberlains FNP program has CCNE accreditation, thus making it acceptable nationally. Some may say to not attend a for-profit school because they are just worried about their enrolllment numbers. Personally, my job has a good tuition payment plan so that I don't have to worry about financial aid. If you are in the working world I would look into what options for tuition your employer has. With that said, I have been very pleased with Chamberlain. From what I hear, most school's first year has online classes integrated as well. My professors are always prompt in responding to any question, and there is an option for live chats. There is, however, two campuses close to me that I can use for resources. Put in to our education what you want out of it. Even though this is an online program, we have to find clinical preceptors and sites and actually have clinical hours just like in undergrad. I work at a pretty reputable hospital, so when they accepted Chamberlain into the list of schools they accepted then it gave m further confidence I needed to apply. By the way, the institution I work in had nothing to gain by accepting this school. Hope this helps!!!

According to Chamberlain's website, there are many states that have not approved the program, and therefore graduates will not be allowed to apply for an NP license in those states. It seems that the list changes frequently but currently the website specifies that NY, NC, SC, TN, WY, WI and several others. My understanding is that they school is working on being accepted in those states and so this may change at any time.

There are several chains of discussion on the pros and cons of Chamberlain.


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Once you pass a national exam, then you are nationally certified to work anywhere. In the states that have not approved the program means you cannot attend Chamberlain if you reside in those states. Like I said, once you graduate from a nationally accredited program, and pass a nationally certified exam, then you can practice anywhere in the states. I personally know a Chamberlain FNP graduate of TX that is practicing in NY.

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ok now i am confused. i dont know if they aprove in oklahoma. but i know they are in texas. but after two-three yrs we are planning to move to texas. so can i take the fnp while i am here then move to texas and work? is that possible?

hey i am also in the chamberlain fnp class currently taking the advanced patho have you taken that class yet?

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I must have missed something. Currently, there is no 'compact' for multi-state APRN licensure. This has been in the works for a while, but it has not happened yet. So - at this point, NPs in one state still have to go through a licensure approval in each additional state.