confuse which path to follow!!!

U.S.A. Kentucky


Hello everyone!

I have been on this site just few days ago and I have been reading the discussions. They are very interesting and helpful. I found people in this website to be very responsive and it made me motivated to join and hoping I will find words of wisdom among the members.

I am really confuse right now as to what path I am going to follow. I am 25 years old and just migrated here in the US last September of 2009 due to my marriage. Way back home in my country I am an elementary teacher in the public school. Life was doing pretty well. Job was great and I am also 1 semester more to finish my master's degree. Marriage was like a suprise to me and everything change - the plans changed after I get married. It's like choosing between the right person and the blooming career. I choose him and embrace everything including a different life here in the US.

To make the story short. I am happy with my decision of coming here and now I have to start from scratch with everything! I plan to continue teaching here, so last April 2010, I apply for a teacher's license and finally got it in the following month. I was so happy then that finally I could move on from there. I have been applying to different schools around our area but unfortunately I did not receive any call for interview. I was so frustrated

with what is going on. Adjusting to the culture, married life plus deteriorating career pulls me down!

Now, I had a thought of applying into a nursing school and change direction of my career. Knowing that I have to start from scratch then I will start fresh with my career too! I don't know if this would be a good idea or this would be best for me. I am not getting any younger and I want to have something to accomplish before my 30's. I sign up at EKU and was admitted by the school but I don't know yet if I will be accepted into the nursing program. If granting that I will be accepted, what would be the best route to take? What would I do to prepare myself into the nursing school? I don't know anyone who is a nurse here to give me ideas and I don't have many friends either.

Hope somebody will reply to this message. An angel full of wisdom in life. God Bless You and more power to your career!

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