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Just curious how many current travel nurses out there bend the permanent tax home qualifications a little. For example, I rent a small cottage from family in which I can show a paper trail and renter's agreement. I also have a driver's license, nursing licensure, voter's registration, auto insurance...all from my home state. However, I don't return home on a regular or even semi-regular basis-I pretty much live on the road. I do get back for a few days here and there, but never 30 days/year. With my nursing specialty (CVOR), assignments are not as plentiful as say, 'Med Surg", so I often have to broaden my travel radius and am now on the west coast as opposed to closer to my neck of the woods (east coast). As it is, just traveling from hospital to hospital and waiting until an orientation window opens, I'm typically out of work for 4-5 weeks a year. To then take off another full month to drive or fly back, I just wouldn't make any money. And no, there's really no opportunity to work locally when I do return. Just wondering how other nurses get around this or if it is even on anyone else's radar. Thanks for any info

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Not plentiful for CVOR? I get good job offers all the time for cvor. I stick with regular OR though because I hate call and the weak ass travel call pay.

I know plenty that fudge it. I dont think I do, I travel in an RV though. I am home 3-5 months a year.

I guess I should have been more specific. I have been a CVOR/General OR nurse for a very long time and before I decided to travel, was pretty much 'maxed out' in terms of salary (BSN, scrub/circulate). Not trying to get rich by any means, but for all the inconvenience, hassle, and uncertainty associated with traveling, I opt for higher pay packages to offset the negatives and make the whole thing worthwhile. With that said, I've been unimpressed with travel compensation in the eastern half of the country, the midwest, AZ, CO., hence, why I am so far from home. BTW, I also travel in an RV to save $$.

The relevant IRS guidance is that you return home regularly. That is not well defined, so take it as you will. If that becomes an issue in an audit (unlikely), you may have to demonstrate some strong connections that make returning home regularly likely. Personal physician, family and so on. The idea is that if this is really your home (and not a mail drop), you will want to return home as it is your home. I've certainly gone longer than a year, but it is irrelevant unless you are audited. But once a year seems like "regularly" to me.

I knew I could count on you to weigh in with sound advice Ned!!

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