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Hello RN's (experienced and new grads), :nurse:

I am a New Grad RN and I'm in dire need of your advice :unsure:

I'm starting a new thread pertaining to Greensboro, NC. I am not from NC, NY resident, so I'm looking into the residency program at Cone Health and would like to know if anyone has applied there, done their clinical rotations, or works for the hospital. I'm interested in Peds ER, PICU, NICU, & Peds Rehab. Please feel free to share any other helpful information!

Is it a great teaching hospital?

How is/are the unit(s)?

How are the benefits for the employees?

Would you recommend the hospital? if not, what hospital would be a better fit?

Also, what are some great areas for a single late 20's female to move to that is within close proximity of the hospital?:D

Thank you in advance! :)


I can only answer some of your questions, but hopefully enough to help a bit.

Cone Health is a hospital system. If you are accepted in one of the new grad academies (as they spell it out on the site), you could end up with a job placement at any of those hospitals.

I'm about to graduate myself, and pretty much all of my clinical experiences were within the Cone Health system. Overall I was was quite pleased with my experiences there. Moses Cone is the flagship hospital in Greensboro and the largest of the group.

Cone is not a teaching hospital in the sense that is is not part of a university system. You won't see many med students or residents there, although I'm told they are around occasionally. They do seem to be fairly organized about training new grads, so you don't have to worry about being hired and just dumped onto a floor unprepared.

I can't really speak about pay and benefits. I'm told they pay more than some of the other hospital systems in the state, but I haven't seen numbers myself.

Moses Cone has a Peds ED. The other hospitals don't. If you want NICU, you'll probably be at Women's Hospital. They are a free standing hospital, though I'm told they may be moving at some point. I don't really really know much else about the pediatric side of things.

Can't comment on where to live. Greensboro is a fairly big city with the same sorts of issues you'd find in any city. Some nice restaurants, some problem areas. I'm about 40 miles away so I don't know the place intimately.

Some other big hospital systems to check out in NC are UNC, Duke, Baptist in Winston Salem, and Carolinas Healthcare in the Charlotte area. Novant Health also has hospitals in both the Winston Salem area and the Charlotte area. All of those have new grad programs, though you might have passed some deadlines for some of them.

I turned down a job at Cone (I was accepted directly into a NICU elsewhere) but I really loved their new grad hiring system, and I know a couple of people who started there as new grads and love it. The new grad programs are called 'Academies,' and you're hired into a service line rather than a specific unit (i.e. Critical Care Academy, Maternal-Newborn Academy, ED Academy). You take classes in that specialty field, and then rotate through a few units within that service line. After a few months, the new grad program works with you to figure out which unit would be the best fit for your permanent position. It allows you to try out a bunch of different areas and figure out which unit culture provides the best fit. Here's the website: Opportunities for New RN Grads - Cone Health - Greensboro, NC

The major downside for you is that there is no Peds Academy at Cone, and NICU is grouped in with Maternal-Newborn. The only mention they make of peds is a small note on the website that says 'Positions are limited, call to learn about availability.'

Other regional hospitals to check out are Wake Forest in Winston-Salem and Duke, UNC, and Wake Med in the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill); all four of those hospitals have dedicated Children's Hospitals with Peds EDs, PICUs and NICUs. Duke, UNC, and Wake Forest are all major academic hospitals, whereas WakeMed is not, so you'll probably get more sub-specialties and rare conditions at the first three; however, the benefit of being at WakeMed is that you don't have to deal with as many residents (so you're not constantly triple-checking their orders).

I love the Triangle area; there's a lot more going on than in Greensboro, there are top-ranked nursing schools if you want to get an MSN, and there are a ton of young people because of the three huge universities (Duke, UNC, and NC State). It's also more progressive than many parts of NC. I think that the competition between the hospital systems in the Triangle improves working conditions and salaries for nurses; my first RN job was working for the only hospital in my region, and their monopoly on local healthcare allowed them to drive down salaries. Also, if you eventually wanted to branch out from nursing, there's a huge biotech/pharma/insurance industry (part of Research Triangle Park); many of the companies hire nurses into corporate roles.

I'd caution that nursing unions do not exist in that region (or in any part of NC, to my knowledge); not sure if that's the norm in New York. Also, in North Carolina, applications start early: most new grad applications for May 2017 graduates are due between January and April of 2017 (pre-NCLEX), so I'd start checking websites for applications in the near future.

Hi! I know this is an old post but I came across it and I just have some questions for you!!! I am currently a senior at Molloy College in NY, so I do reside in NY as per you are! I'm looking to relocate to NC after I take my NCLEX and I just don't know what to expect or how to even begin! I haven't been able to find anyone else in the same situation as me so I would really appreciate it if you would be able to give me some advice!!! Thank you so so much!!!

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Does anyone know the pay or differentials?? I've got other offers but have an interview for cone and I'm trying to see if it is even worth it to fly out for the interview. Money would be the deciding factor for me because the programs I'm deciding between both sounds great.

Does anyone know the starting pay?

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On 1/31/2021 at 3:07 AM, NurseMotivator said:

Does anyone know the starting pay?

Nearby Duke starts at just under $25 before differentials so I'd imagine it is something like that.

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Duke upped their pay to $27 recently, so I expect other hospitals (UNC, Cone, etc) will follow suit, if they haven't already.

Oh okay. I know Novant and Atrium starts at $28 per hr, not including extra money for LPN or EMT.

I know because I applied to both and they are both going to pay me more than 28 for LPN experience.

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Cone is $28 now and Duke is $27.  Not sure what UNC is, but I think slightly higher than Duke.

Hi can someone please tell me the latest pay rate for novant and moses cone hosp for  new grad RN residency . Thank you in advance!!

On 1/19/2022 at 4:57 PM, Manni S said:

Hi can someone please tell me the latest pay rate for novant and moses cone hosp for  new grad RN residency . Thank you in advance!!

It's $28 with no experience. It's more if you have LPN/EMT experience. 

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