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Hello everyone,

I currently work at a hospital as a cna. I have been working there for 6+ years. My manager recently gave me a job offer to work on one of her units which is considered the worst unit in the hospital. There is high turn over of all staff, most patients are complete care, and staff are quick to report you. Nurse to patient ratio can be 8:1 at times, never 4:1 unless patient census is low. I spoke candidly with my mananger about some of my concerns. However, she says I will be a good fit.

I do not desire to work there only to wait for my time to be called. I have worked there too many years without hardly an incident. I am aware the job market is hard and competative. I will accept anything that gives me experience but the nurses on the unit tell me to look elsewhere. Nurses are marketable and you don't have to take anything. I'm not getting any luck when I apply to or inquire at other hospitals. I'm an AND student. Most hospitals want BSN ONLY! I know there is power in in-house hiring. I do not want to give up an opportunity to gain some kind of experience. I'm fustrated and torn! I do not know if I should keep looking somewhere else or tell my manager to hire someone else????


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Wanted to mention I am also a nursing student graduating June 2014.

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I would take the job.. keep applying if it's not what you want, but an RN position offer is awesome.


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Yea I would suggest you take the job and just keep applying to other jobs if that's what you want, but to turn down an offer when you don't have another one is ridiculous esp the way things are with getting hired now.

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