Concerned about not getting accepted to top school choices for MSN/NP; need feedback.

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If you got into a distance MSN/NP program, what was your undergrad GPA? How many years experience did you have as an RN? Where did you go to school?

I am currently a nursing student at a community college working to get my ADN. I already have a B.S. in Business: Healthcare Management from Liberty University, and will probably go back there to get my BSN after finishing my ADN since most of my courses will just carry over. I already know that I want to go back to get my MSN/NP via a distance program, and even though it might be a little while down the road, I am already stressing because I am worried I will not get in. My top choices so far are Simmons, Georgetown, Old Dominion, and Frontier. I have a 4.0 in sciences (A&P, Bio, Chem, Microbio, etc.) as well as all nursing courses, but all MSN/NP programs require a course in statistics, which I got a C in. I am concerned about this holding me back, as well as my GPA in my previous degree in healthcare management, which was a bit low at 3.42, but most of my "C"s were in business courses like marketing and economics if I remember correctly. I believe I will have great letters of recommendation, as well as quality work experience compared to quantity... I'm just concerned about my grades and college choice being Liberty (I see wonderful things about their BSN program and also not so good things). I know someone who got into Walden University with straight Cs in nursing school, but I am hesitant about their program because it seemed so easy to be admitted from what I have seen. I am new to nursing and would appreciate any insight from someone who has been accepted to a distance MSN/NP program.


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