concern between Prerequisite and HESI


Hi there, I would like to pursuit a nursing education. I will take my nursing prerequisite in spring, I have just heard about the HESI test, my concern is if it would be possible to the HESI test without taking my prerequisite and go straight and start my nursing program thank you for answers

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No, I've never heard of prerequisite nursing classes being skipped over due to HESI test results. The HESI test in my experience is used after getting into the actual nursing program to determine if one can proceed on to the next nursing section or a minimum result is needed for nursing school graduation.


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@successinall The prerequisites are required to apply to nursing school. However, if your question is; IS it possible to take the HESI before finishing all your prerequisites than the answer is yes.

There several study guides that can help you prep for the HESI entrance exam, even if you haven't finished all your courses, including a&p.


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@orangetoledo thank you I've really appreciated it


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Thank you I really appreciated it

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Pretty sure the OP is talking about the HESI A2 entrance exam not the HESI exams you take while in nursing school.

But yeah as others have already said the exam doesn't replace taking pre-reqs, you still have to take them all. It's mostly just a general knowledge and competency test. If your school requires any of the science sections it'd be in your best interest to take the HESI A2 after you have completed those science classes.