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I was just curious if anyone knew how competitive it is to get the Navy Nurse Candidate Program. I wanted to know about what % of applicants get in? What is the average GPA for the candidates? How often do they select candidates? Any information regarding the requirements to get in would help.


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I would contact a Navy health care recruiter. They can help you plan a strategy to work your way into the system.

A few hints:

Be Ht/wt proportionate and in good general physical health. (Some things are waiverable but some aren't. (eg diabetes.))

You will need to take a physical.

Get everything in writing.

Explore the Navy Reserve. (They do have some non prior service programs.)

(The Hospital Corpsman rating is an excellent gateway to professional nursing from a psychomotor skills aspect. Essentially HMs are the military equivalent of an LPN or MA.)

The reserves did have a program where HMs could be in a BSN program, given drill credit for school, receive their drill pay as a monthly stipend for satisfactory school performance with the requirement of coming to their drill center twice a year for PT testing/medical readiness requirements. Ask about MGIB also.

Best of luck.


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Be ready and willing to spend countless hours filling out paperwork and going to appointments and then filling out more paperwork once your original paperwork is misfiled. I joined the Air Force Reserve straight out of high school. After I graduated nursing school and passed the NCLEX-RN I enrolled in an RN-BSN program. I thought the active duty life of a Navy nurse would be interesting so I set up an appointment with a Navy health care recruiter and started the paperwork. The really tricky thing was finding out how to transfer from enlisted reserve status in one branch to "cadet" status in another branch. My recruiter had never been in that situation before, and eventually I was told that it was "not worth the hassle." So here I am today, RN with a BSN, still enlisted in the Air Force Reserve waiting for my commission packet to get approved.

Back to your question, I was told that GPA ranges from 3.5-4.0. Although they are looking for the cream of the crop, they also realize that a certain percentage of applicants will not meet the requirements to join the military for whatever reason, such as trouble with the law or some medical issue.

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